2018 DriveTime Commercial: 2 Minute Time Machine

Good news! Tina and Tara have invented time travel! But with one minor catch. Their time machine only travels two minutes into the future and back. How useful is a two minute time machine? Incredibly useful it turns out!

In their latest adventure, Tina and Tara (affectionately known as the DriveTime Girls) go two minutes into the future in their custom built DriveTimeMachine to convince a used car shopper that she can–and will–get approved for a car loan and see her down payment all from the convenience of her phone in just two minutes. It sounds impossible, but what isn’t possible with time travel?

Watch the full video!

How could your future change in just two minutes? Find out by taking your own trip on the DriveTimeMachine. Get approved and see your real down payment in just two minutes on

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