#DTRoadTrip: Our Fresno Finale!

We put the glamour of Los Angeles in the rear view and headed for the charming city of Fresno.

Tucked away in the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno has a much different atmosphere than California’s bustling coastal towns. It’s a big area that feels like a small town. That might be because everything seems small when compared to the massive Sierra Nevada mountains that tower over the sprawling city and neighborhoods.

There are some natural wonders that we are dying to see up in those mountains, but before we do, we need to stop and see our friends at DriveTime’s Bakersfield and Fresno dealerships.

Meet the Team!

From San Francisco Bay and Northern California, used car shoppers come from far and wide to check out DriveTime Bakersfield and Fresno. Their customer service expertise make them popular with customers, but what really makes them unique is the respect they get from their competitors. It’s not uncommon for a customer to walk through their doors and say, “I was referred to you by another dealer.” That’s because there are some customers with unique financing issues that only DriveTime can help, and the other dealerships know this.

DriveTime Bakersfield and Fresno’s relationship with their communities and their competitors is a special one that benefits everybody, especially the customer.


Time for Some Fun!

Fresno is within driving distance of California’s most scenic locations. Beaches are just two hours west. San Francisco is a little over three hours away. An hour east will take you up into the mountains where you can ski in the winter. And in the summer you can camp, hike, rock climb, mountain bike are just an hour away in America’s biggest playground…



Yosemite (pronounced yo-sem-it-ee) is over a thousand square miles of forest, mountains, lakes and rivers. Millions of people come to Yosemite to enjoy the sites and activities. It’s definitely a place you need to experience at least once in your lifetime.

We’ve reached the end of the road


Can it really be over? #DTRoadTrip has been an unforgettable experience. We hope you enjoyed sharing in our adventures as much as we enjoyed having them. Does it make you want to plan a road trip of your own? We hope so! There are incredible, new experiences waiting for you out on the road. Let us share in your adventures by tagging us and using #DTRoadTrip.

And if you’re looking for a road trip vehicle, check out DriveTime’s huge vehicle selection! Our dealership staff will do all they can to get you the perfect adventure vehicle.

See you on the road!

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