DriveTime in the News

We’re excited to announce that some of our very own DriveTime employees have recently made the news!

Peter Hermes, Sr. Managing Director of Strategic Analytics here at DriveTime, has been named an honoree in Auto Remarketing’s annual Remarketing & Used-Car Industry 40 Under 40 list. Each year, Auto Remarketing’s 40 Under 40 recognizes business leaders who are making big differences in the industry, and we are so proud to have one of our very own recognized in this space. Learn more in Auto Remarketing’s 2020 40 Under 40 magazine here.



We’re also proud to announce that our very own CFO, Mary Leigh Phillips, has been named an honoree for the Women in Auto Finance list, which honors the most dedicated and talented women professionals throughout the used-car industry. Mary Leigh is one of 12 women in automotive finance who will be honored at this year’s Used Car Week 2020. Learn more about the Women in Auto Finance here.


Congratulations Peter and Mary Leigh! We’re honored to have you as part of the DriveTime team.

We Put You in the DriveTime Driver’s Seat®

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, DriveTime is one of the nation’s largest used car dealerships. With over 100 dealerships nationwide and an easy online approval process, we believe finding and purchasing your next car should be something you control from start to finish!

Here at DriveTime, we’ve worked hard to create a convenient process and provide the best tools to put you in the driver’s seat. Whether that means easily searching our inventory at, seeing your down payment online before your visit, or making an appointment at your local dealership to talk to our knowledgeable customer experience guides, you call the shots.

Once at the dealership, your experience will be tailored specifically to you. Our team will dedicate their time to both understanding your needs and providing you with the necessary details to make an informed buying decision. When you visit a DriveTime dealership, we’ll show you your financing options for the vehicle you want within 15 minutes of speaking to someone on our team. Then, we’ll work with you to pick the financing terms you’re comfortable with, and show you products, like our limited warranty and optional service contract, that help you protect your purchase.

The next time you’re looking for a vehicle, visit DriveTime, where we put you in the driver’s seat. If you’re not quite ready to start your car-buying journey, but could still use some inspiration, check out our DriveTime Driver’s Seat® filter on Facebook and Instagram!

We Bring People and Cars Together®

Did you know the average American spends approximately 8 hours and 22 minutes driving per week? According to a study conducted by The Car Connection, people are spending more and more time in their cars – about 18 days per year, and this is a big reason why we believe cars are more than just a way to get from point A to point B.

Here at DriveTime, we’re focused on bringing people and cars together. Whether that means easily searching our online inventory and filtering to exactly what you want, seeing your down payment online before scheduling your visit or stopping by any one of our dealerships to talk to our expert Sales Advisors, we’re here to make sure you’re paired with the perfect car and financing for you. 

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2019 Intern Class Giving Back to the Ronald McDonald House

DriveTime Summer Intern Class of 2019

Every summer, we hire a diverse group of interns to navigate through the various departments that make DriveTime a one-stop shop. These interns are given the opportunity to learn how a national company works in real time as they are immersed in the DriveTime culture and tasked to do impactful projects. Beyond the work, our goal is to leave these young individuals with an understanding of why it’s so important to give back to the community. In order to do so, every summer, a day is dedicated to taking the interns out of the office and to give back to their community. This summer, we brought our interns to the Ronald McDonald House where they helped bake treats, prepare goodie bags, and write handwritten cards for families. After the event, a few interns reflected on the day and the impact it had on them.

Q: What was your favorite part about volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House?

Manny: “I think being able to see the direct and instant impact that we are able to make was awesome. It was super cool to see that our efforts were helping others instantly.

Being together as an intern group and changing up the work week is also another bonus!”

Q: What was one takeaway from the experience?

Manny: “The one thing that I was thinking was that although work is important, there are truly more important things in life than all work. It is so crucial to take a step back and see and interact in the other super important parts of life like being able to be of help to others in need of extra help.”

Colleen: “Home is something that is so important to people and the Ronald McDonald house creates a home for people in a time of life that safety and security of home is limited. Whether it was 2 days, 2 months or a year, they treat every family and every story with the same compassion and love and it was very evident just stepping in for a day.”

Interns Baking Cookies in the Kitchen

Q: Why do you think it is important for DriveTime to continue to give back to the community?

Manny: “We don’t want to become so consumed with work to the point where we don’t recognize the so many other people around us who are in need of help. As a part of the community we have a moral responsibility to be of assistance and not just business people.”

Colleen: “As a company that is geared towards serving a community of people with a need for a basic, but very crucial, part of life, transportation, understanding the impact of giving back doesn’t only deepen the breadth of understanding of what it means to serve, but it also gives an opportunity to be helping a community that is already right in our backyard. This helps our understanding of who our customer is and also what it means to be serving without agenda.”

Welcome Cards for the Families

Q: Do you see the impact community service has had on DriveTime as a whole?

Colleen: “From mission to application, definitely. Through both serving on the job, and giving back on their own time, DriveTime is definitely a leader in helping their community.”

Courtney: “Yes. It makes people proud to work at a company that puts others first and does not solely emphasize profit. It also brings the coworkers who serve together closer.”

The day spent at the Ronald McDonald House was very rewarding as the interns were able to enjoy themselves while also giving back to their community. We believe it is essential to serve others in order to create an environment that has balance and support and we hope our interns saw this firsthand.