#DTRoadTrip: Los Angeles is Home to the Stars!

We made it! Coast-to-coast across the United States in 12 weeks!


We couldn’t think of a better place to end our #DTRoadTrip than California. There is something here for everyone. From its world famous attractions, to its diverse natural beauty, its no wonder why California is the most visited state in North America.

Of all the cities we’ve visited on our #DTRoadTrip, there isn’t one quite as glamorous to Los Angeles. Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to rock stars and movie stars, but we’re here to see the all-star sales teams of DriveTime’s Los Angeles dealerships.

Meet the Teams

In the lives of the people they help every day, the sales teams of DriveTime’s Montclair, West Covina and Torrance dealerships are super stars! They’ve helped boost many Los Angeles driver’s confidence by helping them finance vehicles they can be proud of. They’re known by their customers for their laid back approach in what is typically a very high pressure business.

One Montclair customer said, “I did not think I would ever be able to get a new car all on my own, but DriveTime made it happen. The managers were not pushy. They make you feel that all your needs are important, and they got me into a car that I am absolutely in love with!”

We don’t know if we should be thanking them for contributing to Los Angeles’ traffic epidemic by putting more cars on the road, but on behalf of Los Angeles DriveTime customers…THANK YOU!

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Time for Some Fun!

What can’t you do in Los Angeles? That would be a shorter list. There are outdoor activities galore, from outdoor sports to free outdoor concerts. Fresh food is everywhere, whether it comes from a fine dining establishment or one of the popular food trucks posted around LA.

If you’re a movie junkie (like us!) then LA is where you can peak behind the scenes of some of your favorite films. We took a hike up to the Griffith Observatory, which is a setting for many famous movies. Most people might recognize it these days from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s starlit dance scenes in La La Land.


But we had our hearts set on visiting the happiest place on earth. The place where you can reconnect with your inner child. The one and only…Disneyland!


We know it’s cliche, but how could we resist? Disneyland is a highlight of many people’s lives, and it definitely was a highlight of #DTRoadTrip.

We still have one more stop here in California. What are some local secrets to Los Angeles that we can check out while we’re here? Leave us suggestions in the comments.

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See you on the road!

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