URGENT NEWS: DriveTime Customers in Houston

Hurricane Harvey and the storms that followed have inflicted billions of dollars in damage in Texas and put millions of people at risk. The groundswell of support for these areas and the impacted people has been tremendous.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who suffered losses and/or will be starting the process to rebuild their lives and businesses.

What is DriveTime doing to help?

  • We are working with our affected employees to ensure they are not adversely impacted financially from the Hurricane and storms, and ensuring if they need any other assistance in getting their lives back together we are here to help.  We  have already begun to help employees with, for example, vehicles, clothing and housing, and we expect to be doing more in the days ahead.
  • We are taking steps to assist our affected loan customers, including:
    • We are reaching out proactively to these customers to offer assistance
    • We have stopped collections calls
    • We will work to keep these customers in their vehicles, including providing time for them to get back on their feet before having to make payments again
    • All customers with vehicles that are totaled will be eligible for special programs, such as getting into new vehicles on favorable terms
    • Credit reporting for these customers will reflect the impact of these storms
  • As we learn more about the devastation in the weeks and months ahead, we will look for opportunities to further assist the affected people and communities in Texas.

For those of you who may be personally assisting or giving in some way, thank you.

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