The DriveTime Girls Break It Down in 2017 Commercials

The DriveTime Girls have returned in style…

Following up their adventures in 2016, Tina and Tara (who fans refer to as “The DriveTime Girls”) are back in action!

In this new series, Tina and Tara show off their feminine side at the nail salon. Then they rescue a used car shopper from a down payment double cross–with a twist ending. And they show off their rhythm and flow with their own DriveTime rendition of E-40’s hip hop classic “Choices”.


2017 DriveTime Commercials | Nails

2017 DriveTime Commercials | The Boot

2017 DriveTime Commercials | Nope Yup

Watch Tina and Tara’s time traveling adventures in our latest commercial! And

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  1. Keri Vitagliano   •  

    I want Tina and Tara bobbleheads!

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