Trunk-or-Treat! 15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Car

Halloween is one of the best holidays. Think about it: you don’t have to decorate eggs or lug a live tree right into your living room, nor do you need to spend all day cooking a gigantic turkey or act surprised when your grandma gives you an ugly sweater—again.

All you have to do is dress up like your favorite character and hand some candy out to all the neighborhood kids. Oh, and you totally need to decorate your house and car, too. In case you are stressing about what to dress up as or how to decorate your car, here are a few epic ideas.

Scary Teeth Car

Image via Trunk or Treat

Because, trust me, no one will try to break into your car if it’s wearing this costume.

Batmobile Car

Image via Mystic Industries

Scared of scratching that shiny paint job? Dress your car up with these bat ears and protect that radiant glow.

Sexy and Discreet Car

Image via Car Lashes

Because your car wants to wear nothing but a smile and some lip gloss tonight. Wink. Wink.

Magic Carriage Car

Image via Instagram: @lindsayfaye83

Image via Instagram: @lindsayfaye83

Because little girls believe in Cinderella, and they are only young once.

Nightmare Frog Car

Image via Pinterest: Alissa Bryan

This car costume is only for people who want to scare the living bejeezus out of the neighborhood brats. “Come here, child…”

Nerdy Car

Image via Instagram: @hmmorrow

Image via Instagram: @hmmorrow

I can just picture it now. “Ummm…yeah, mom. That car costume is really…umm…neat.”

Ghosts in Da Club Car

Image via Flickr: Ben Jenkins

Image via Flickr: Ben Jenkins

This car costume is for the pre-pre-Halloween costume party. Just add some slick beats, and you’re good to go.

Zoo Boo Car

Image via Project Little Mo

Nothing says Halloween quite like a zoo that lets giraffes, hippos, tigers and bears cohabitate. Let’s just see who is left in the morning, shall we?

Loyal Fan Car

Image via Instagram: @jenniferrivera32

Image via Instagram: @jenniferrivera32

Prove how loyal you are to your favorite team by covering your car in your favorite team’s gear. Who cares if it has nothing to do with the holiday?

Princess Car

Image via Instagram: @movielover93

Image via Instagram: @movielover93

Nothing says “I’m a princess” quite like dressing your car up like a princess. Trust me, if anything can get the point across, this costume will do the job.

Cookie Monster Car

Image via Instagram: @the_megannoel

Image via Instagram: @the_megannoel

Everyone loves the Cookie Monster, right? Right?! I’m not really sure, but you can dress your car up like this Muppet to find out.

Christmas Car

Image via Instagram: @emilyriv96

Image via Instagram: @emilyriv96

Okay, don’t do this. Seriously. Wrong holiday, folks. Wrong. Holiday.

Shark Car

Image via Ridelust

Show the kids in your neighborhood what nightmares are really made of by dressing your car up like a man-eating shark.

Ghost Car

Image via Ridelust

Does it get any more classic than this? Just don’t try to drive with this costume still on, okay?

The Graduate Car

Image via Ridelust

Want to prove your ride is smart like you? If so, dress it up like a graduate. Trust me, it’s okay to brag.

Whether you’re dressing your ride up like a portable zoo, magical carriage or the neighborhood kid’s worst nightmare, always remember one thing: have fun! Share your car costumes with us in the comments!

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