Beware: Halloween’s Cutest Puppy & Baby Costumes Revealed

We’ve put together a cute and totally adorable list of the best costumes for puppies and babies this Halloween. Just be sure your heart doesn’t melt from all that cuteness.

Luigi and Mario Take on the World

Image via Janessa Morton Resendes

Best friends usually start out as the best enemies.

Don’t Mess with This Justice League

Image via Susartandfood’s Blog

Get in their way, and this justice league will take you down. After their morning nap.

Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

Image via Etsy Shop: ilickyou

Your perfect match will come along some day, too.

Team Han Solo and Chewy are Ready to Explore

Image via Flickr: thekarpiuks

The perfect team to save the galaxy.

Albert Einstein Says There Are No Stupid Questions

Image via Imgur

The smartest kid in school and on the playground.

Box of Triscuits in a Basket

Image via Costume Pop

They really are so cute you can eat them up.

A Little Milk and Honey for Winnie the Pooh

Image via Michael Schaiman

Feeling good with a full tummy.

This Biker Baby Has a Soft Side

Image via Imgur

Don’t let his appearance fool you. This guy has a soft heart and loves to cuddle.

Pack of M&M’s

Image via boredpanda

The perfect snack for any time of day.

Little Traveling Gnome

Image via Costume Works

Never roam alone without this little guy in tow.

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Cute

Image via Stephanie Reed

The youngest old person you’ll ever meet. Adventure is out there!

Order Up: Dog Martini

Image via Costume Works

For maximum taste, make sure it’s shaken not stirred.

Who Says Nerds Can’t Make You Swoon?

Image via Costume Works

This one will steal your heart and fix your computer.

Football Fans and Sibling Rivalry

Image via The Macs

A little young for sports, but not competition.

Family of Bumblebees

Image via

The only kind of bees you’ll want around you.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Image via

They may look innocent, but these mischievous twins are up to something.

Police Dog

Image via Party City

Image via Party City

Woof! Woof! This is the sound of the police!

“Puppy” Corn

Image via Costume Works

There’s candy corn, popcorn and now puppy corn. Just don’t mix them up!

Three Blind Mice Brothers

Image via

The coolest cats in town—well, mice actually.

This Ice Cold Olaf Will Melt Your Heart

Image via Craftsy

Don’t try to hold yourself together, no one can resist this cuteness.

Wrapped in Burrito Cuteness

Image via College Humor

Image via College Humor

It may look like the perfect snack, but it kind of smells.

For the Love of Food

Image via Costume Works

Order up! Your custom dog treats are ready.

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200

Image via Costume Works

Looks like Mr. Monopoly is being stingy.

Kermit the Frog is Feelin’ Green

Image via Costume Works

Don’t let this outfit fool you, he’s actually living it up.

The Swimming Master

Image via Pinterest

This little guy can barely walk, but boy is he a good scuba diver.

What are you dressing up your pup or kid for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page!

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