How to Set a New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

Image via PlayBuzz.

Image via PlayBuzz.

Everyone always brags at the beginning of the year about what they are going to do better over the course of the new year. And then a few months later you ask them how their resolution is coming along, and…

Don’t let that be you this year. Stick to your resolutions. And the key to sticking to your resolutions is to make resolutions you will keep. Yes, it does make a lot of sense.

Check out 3 ways for making resolutions you are sure to stick to:

Be specific: It is easy to have some sort of generic goal, such as “I’m going to lose weight,” or “I’m going to save money.” This won’t cut it. According to Time magazine, the more specific the better. If you aren’t specific then what can you measure your success against?

“Set a goal you can accomplish!”

Pick one thing: Don’t go overboard and say you are going to do a whole bunch of stuff. Do something that you really want to accomplish or change in your life. Also, don’t make your one thing impossible, noted Life Hack. If you set the bar too high, you could be setting yourself up to fail. Set a goal you know you can achieve and do it.

Believe in yourself: This is the most important. When it comes to achieving your New Year’s resolutions, it all comes down to you. Forbes stated you must believe you can change in order to do so. Pretty good advice don’t you think? Take it seriously, believe in yourself and accomplish what you want.

Only you can achieve your goals … so do it!

Don’t set yourself up to fail or doubt your ability. Make a solid goal, have courage and go out there and achieve it. The success will ensure that you have a happy new year.

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