Make 2015 Your Year

What would you write?

What would you write?

It’s the start of a new year, and how refreshing that feels. And it can stay refreshing. You don’t have to sink back into feeling like you are walking through a humdrum existence, wishing you could go back and tell your younger self what to do and not to do. This is your chance to move forward! Stand up, take charge and tell the world to move aside because you are going to take it by the reins and make it yours. And why not? What else is more pressing this year than making it your year?!

We aren’t talking about resolutions or making a list of promises to keep. Yes, those things are important and help you set and accomplish goals for yourself. But making this year yours is about attitude. It’s about being the person you want to be and not thinking twice about smiling when you want to!

“You are you and you are good at it!”

Don’t be hesitant
Do things you want to do: Whether that is taking a road trip to see the sites you have always wanted, or maybe writing a book. Don’t let “No” or “I don’t think so” be your favorite phrase this year. Make it “Yes!” or “Wow! That sounds like a great idea and I’d love to!”

Love and honor yourself
Don’t put yourself down this year or think your dreams are too far out of reach. It is having that frame of mind that keeps them out of reach. This year, grab onto them and pull them closer. Better yet, pull yourself toward them! Treat yourself with confidence and trust in your abilities this year. But require this treatment from others as well. Refuse to take anything but respect from those around. Show the world you are above insults and not being taken seriously. You are you and you are good at it! So be you with a confident smile.

Additionally, not only do your intentions matter, but your feelings as well. Hello Giggles recommends speaking up when you feel a certain way. Don’t be afraid to do so this year. Use your voice and tell others what is on your mind.

Be the you you want to be in 2015.

Embrace everything
It is easy to walk through life as a critic and point out the faults in people, places, meals or lame commercials. Don’t do that this year. Embrace the love and hilarity of all around you. According to Thought Catalog, finding the love in everything, instead of the negatives, will make you a happier person. Not only will you be more accepting, but you’ll realize it is all part of a bigger life. Everyone is just trying to do their best, so acknowledge that. Join the human race in all of its faults and dumb decisions, because it isn’t going to wait until you are satisfied to move on.

Show the world you know how to live in 2015. Be the you you have always wanted to be, and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.

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