Dealership Spotlight: Blanding – Orange Park, Florida

With over 100 dealerships across the country, DriveTime can seem like a large, stuffy corporation. However, that is simply not the case! We have a strong familial culture dedicated to helping customers find and finance quality used vehicles regardless of the credit history. Each month, we invite you to learn a little more about our DriveTime family by profiling one of our dealerships and its employees. This month’s Dealership Spotlight is Blanding in Orange Park, FL!


Fast Facts

Address: 220 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, Florida 32073

Date Opened: December 16, 2005

Number of Employees: 9

Located at 220 Blanding Ave in Orange Park, FL, “Blanding”, as the dealership is commonly referred to by employees, is one of DriveTime’s longest standing stores having been open since December 2005. In the eight and a half years since, the store’s sales advisors have assisted used car buyers in the Orange Park area purchase quality vehicles with affordable financing irrespective of their past credit problems.

Here’s what our team in Orange Park had to say about their hometown, working for DriveTime and their interactions with customers:

1.      What are the best things about living in the Orange Park, FL area?

We are all actually pretty spread out between Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Jacksonville beaches area.  Our favorite things about living in the area are the proximity to the beach and plenty of good restaurants and shopping around.

2.      What is the best part about working at DriveTime?

It is a very welcoming sales environment without the pushy car sales person vibe.  The best part about working for DriveTime is the people we work with.  We are like a family here, always have fun, and have great team chemistry.  We all genuinely enjoy what we do and working with the team that we have here at the dealership.

3.      What makes working at DriveTime different from working a traditional used car dealership?

Honestly we go above and beyond constantly to help our customers and make sure everyone leaves satisfied.  We spend all day with our customers making sure they get the right vehicle to fit their needs and keep them within their budget.  We do everything from out of town lot swaps to insurance shopping with our customers all day in order to make deals happen.  Our environment is very welcoming and fun so customers truly enjoy the experience here at the Blanding location.

4.      What are the most popular vehicles on your lot?

The most popular cars on our lot are Mercedes Benzes, Nissan Altimas, Toyota Corollas and pick-up trucks.

5.      What are the most common questions you receive from customers? (Editor’s note: Answers to these and many more can be found under our FAQ)

  • Can you really get me approved?
  • What is the down payment on that vehicle?
  • How do your car prices compare to other dealerships?
  • Can I purchase without the warranty?

6.      What is one piece of advice you have for used car shoppers?

Always do your research and shop around before making any impulsive decisions.  Make sure you get a vehicle with some sort or warranty or at least have the vehicle looked at by a trustworthy mechanic before making the purchase.

7. What’s one of your most memorable customer stories? 

We had a customer that we were working with for the past week and followed up with her today, she told us that she was at the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealership looking at brand new Charger’s, Challenger’s, and Dart’s.  We looked at our inventory quickly and told her that we had an Audi that would work within her budget, she stated that the Chrysler dealership picked her up from her house and if we could pick her up from Chrysler she would purchase the Audi.  We went over to the Chrysler dealership and picked her up and she purchased the Audi with a smile from ear to ear!  – Matt Kappelmann, Sales Manager


There you have it, a quick look at life in Orange Park and the awesome team at the local DriveTime dealership. If you are in the area and are looking for a quality used car, you can view available inventory at Blanding here. You can also schedule an appointment to test drive vehicles and discuss financing options with the sales advisors.

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