“Buy Here, Pay Here” Miami Locations: What You Need to Know

Whether you live in Kendall, Hialeah, or Homestead, just around the corner there’s a “buy here, pay here” in Miami.

“Buy here, pay here” in Miami is a type of car dealership that offers in-house financing. What this means is that you pay the dealer directly, usually every week, rather than making a monthly auto loan payment to a bank, as with a traditional dealership. The advantages for the buyer are that you are able to get a car for little money down and with a low credit score. Indeed, these locations can be the best option for those suffering from bad or no credit and seeking to buy a used car, but there are important questions to ask before you buy.

What is the Interest Rate?

Some predatory lenders on the “buy here, pay here” Miami scene can charge outrageous interest rates, but there are plenty of “buy here, pay here” Miami lots that offer competitive interest rates. Among the most reputable of these dealers is DriveTime. DriveTime offers customer-centered service to individuals who are looking for a simple, no hassle process when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. We can help you negotiate a reasonable rate based on your needs. You should never feel like an exorbitant interest rate is your only option.

How is the Customer Service?

Many salesmen at “buy here, pay here” Miami dealerships are not interested in getting you into the right car, but at DriveTime we promise top notch customer service that will never take advantage of buyer vulnerability. With over 3,000 employees working across 110 lots around the country, Miami area residents have the option to work with friendly, customer-centered car dealers. In addition to on-site support, DriveTime has several call centers that are open 5 days a week to answer your questions and concerns with a smile.

Will You Repossess My Car?

Some “buy here, pay here” Miami dealers will repossess a car if the owner is even a single day late on a payment, but this is never the case with DriveTime. DriveTime recognizes that everyone slips up sometimes and will work with buyers to negotiate acceptable payment deadlines. Repossession should only ever be a last resort. Furthermore, DriveTime is financially secure, so there’s no reason to worry that we will repossess your car to take care of our own debts, unlike some “buy here, pay here” Miami lots.

There are Trustworthy “Buy Here, Pay Here” Miami Lots

Though there may be some dealers engaging in less than savory practices, there are plenty of dealers in the Miami area attuned to the needs of customers who have suffered credit misfortunes and need an opportunity. As a leading used car dealer, DriveTime offers competitive rates and 3-year vehicle warranties on their automobiles, something that no other “buy here, pay here” Miami dealership can match.

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