Does Your “Buy Here, Pay Here” Atlanta Dealership Exceed Expectations?

Residents of Atlanta need to be able to rely on the quality, performance, and reliability of their vehicle, even if their credit has suffered from misfortune.

Atlanta residents with poor or no credit often turn to dealerships offering to cater to them, promising to be able to help get them into a car despite their credit woes. As with anything, some dealerships are reputable, and some are less than reputable. Consider these qualities when choosing your “buy here, pay here” Atlanta dealership.

“Buy Here, Pay Here” in Atlanta

“Buy here, pay here” Atlanta dealerships are popping up all over, in neighborhoods from Marietta to College Park to Gwinnett and more. These dealerships offer in-house financing packages that offer to cut out the middle man, with the dealer themselves acting as the lender for the auto loan, and the buyer making payments directly to the dealer. This has the convenience of avoiding the banks, which are likely to turn down customers with bad or no credit, but comes with other considerations.

What are the Interest Rates?

“Buy here, pay here” Atlanta dealerships may not be subject to the same regulations as banks when it comes to the interest rates on auto loans. Some dealers will take advantage of this through fees and higher interest rates, but most dealers, like DriveTime, offer competitive interest rates on their used cars. You can also renegotiate your interest rate after a period of time, depending on the progress you have made with your credit rating by re-financing your vehicle.

How’s the Service?

Poor customer service is often a sign of shady dealings, but through DriveTime you will get service with a smile. We employ over 3,000 representatives across 110 dealerships, all of whom are focused on making your car buying experience a pleasant one. DriveTime also runs several call centers that are open 7 days a week. Our call centers allow you to get DriveTime quality service even when you’re far away from one of our dealerships.

Is There a Warranty?

Many “buy here, pay here” Atlanta lots will not offer a warranty on their cars, giving you no recourse if you buy a car that malfunctions. Through DriveTime, you can get at minimum a 30-day warranty, giving you time to get a feel for your new car before making a full commitment. and add on our vehicle protection plan that can cover your vehicle for up to 5 years or 50,000 miles.

If you have credit woes, you may be concerned about your ability to buy a car, even through a “buy here, pay here” Atlanta lot. Know that DriveTime offers a better option – all the financing benefits of a “buy here, pay here,” but with a commitment to customer service that goes above and beyond comparable dealers in the Atlanta area.

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