Considering a “Buy Here, Pay Here” in Indianapolis? Read This First

There has been a proliferation of “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis car lots in recent times.

These lots aim to provide help to customers with bad or no credit, and get them into a car without the hassle of going to a big name dealer. The key here is to choose a trustworthy dealer from among the many “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis lots. While some of these dealers are not playing by the rules, there are certainly many excellent, reputable dealers, DriveTime among them. What makes DriveTime different from many other car dealers offering “buy here, pay here” in Indianapolis?

Extensive Vehicle Selection

While many “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis lots have only a limited number of vehicles available for folks with poor credit ratings, DriveTime has over 8,000 cars in stock across 110 dealerships, ensuring that you will get to choose from among a wide variety of cars you can afford and that fulfill your needs. We will never funnel you towards cars that will make us the most money, but will work hard to get you behind the wheel of a car that is affordable for you.

Personalized Service

Across DriveTime’s 110 lots, we employ over 3,000 individuals who are all there to help you select the best car for your needs. Our car dealers are committed to friendly, individualized service with a smile. In addition to our committed on-site employees, DriveTime also offers call centers open 7 days a week for the best possible customer service around. If you’re having a problem with a DriveTime vehicle, someone will always be on call to assist you. With access to our 24/7 support, you don’t even need to be near a DriveTime dealership.

Buy and Lease in Indy

While some “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis lots can be untrustworthy, DriveTime is always there for you. As a nationally known used car dealers represented in the Indianapolis area and offering services and aid to those with poor credit, no credit, or other credit misfortunes, DriveTime can help you get the car you need while getting back on track. DriveTime offers two locations in the Indianapolis area, and offers unique deals, things like 3-year vehicle protection plans that no other used car dealership can match.

It is very important that you choose your used car dealer wisely. Otherwise you may find yourself deeper than ever in debt and unable to find a way out. Gather all the information you can and make an informed decision for your future.

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