5 Questions to Ask Before You “Buy Here, Pay Here” in Orlando

You have probably seen a “buy here, pay here” Orlando used car lot even if you haven’t known what it was called.

A used car lot offering help and assistance to those with bad or no credit is likely a “buy here, pay here” dealer. These dealers not only make it possible for individuals who might otherwise not qualify, to buy cars, but assist them with how to tell the unscrupulous from the dealers who are truly there to help out. Here are five questions to ask your “buy here, pay here” Orlando car dealer before you make any purchases.

1. Why are you asking about my credit?

Questions about your credit are part and parcel to the car buying process, whether at a “buy here, pay here” lot or a nationwide dealership. Without knowing about your credit, car dealers are unable to tell what kinds of cars you qualify for. In some cases, poor credit may translate to hardly any available cars on the lot, but with DriveTime you can be sure to have your pick of a wide variety of cars regardless of your credit score. DriveTime has over 8,000 cars in stock across 110 dealerships and you are sure to qualify for many of them.

2. What are the interest rates?

In many cases, the interest rate is what truly determines how much you will be paying for a car, so it is important to ask about interest rates up front. DriveTime offers competitive interest rates dependent on your current credit rating, among other factors. At DriveTime you also have the option to lease a vehicle, often a good way getting a great used car for an affordable monthly payment.

3. What warranties can I get?

While the majority of “buy here, pay here” lots will not offer any warranty, DriveTime offers a 30 day warranty on all vehicles. A warranty is a great way to ensure that your car is in good working order before truly making a commitment. Only a trusted dealer will offer a warranty on a used car.

4. What is the vehicle history report?

While some “buy here, pay here” Orlando lots may be reluctant to release a vehicle history report, at DriveTime every vehicle comes with an Autocheck report, similar to CarFax. This report allows you to track the history of your vehicle across different owners so you know what kind of wear and tear the car has been through before you get behind the wheel.

5. What other cars can you show me?

Ask the dealer to show you different cars. A reputable lot will be able to show you a wide range of vehicles that will suit both your needs and your credit.

Ask these five questions whenever you approach a “buy here, pay here” Orlando lot to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy sales outfit. These questions can help you choose a dealership with a reputation for helping those with less than stellar credit without resorting to predatory lending tactics and underhanded dealing. Your local DriveTime dealership, for example, is a perfect place to start.


  1. William James Watson III   •  

    I am very interested in your lease program , I live in Bradenton , Fl and was recently surfacing the web and came across your ad .
    My credit sucks but I have hired Lexington Law Firm to help clean up my credit files . I am on a fixed income of $ 1,445 each month and I have no other bills other than my cell phone : $60 a month. I live with my sister so I have no major monthly expenses . Email me with details on your lease program .
    William J. Watson III
    Bradenton , Fl

    • DriveTime   •  

      Hi William, I’ve forward your request over to our approvals department, who should be e-mailing you shortly. If you’d like, you can also directly contact our dealership in Bradenton by calling or stopping by.

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