Killing the Slimy Used Car Salesman Stereotype for Good

We all know the type.

Slicked back hair, ugly plaid shirt your grandfather wouldn’t even wear, pants with stains on them that look like they have been ironed over and the overbearing smell of cheap cologne picked up from the corner store – the all too familiar stereotypical used car salesman.

These types of used car salesmen will tell you anything you want to hear about a car you’re not even that interested in and will do anything to convince you that you don’t need see a CarFax or AutoCheck History Report, up to offering heavy discounts on the car if you would just take the car home now and just believe his claim that the car’s, “brakes work most of the time.”

And when you do take that car home and your car’s bumper falls off in your driveway or worse – you realize that “salesman Joe” wasn’t exactly on the up and up with you and the car had flood damage or frame damage and should have been totaled. Unfortunately, this scenario has happened over and over again for decades at unethical used car dealerships, nearly tainting the entire used car sales industry.

This image is exactly what DriveTime has set out to change. We know that purchasing a vehicle is a very significant event in a person’s life and next to a buying a home, this is likely the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lives. It’s sort of a big deal.

Our low-pressure, non-commissioned salesmen and women focus on putting the entire car buying experience in the customer’s hands so that we know you are comfortable with the process the entire time – from approval, to browsing our inventory, understanding your financing agreement or even how to adjust your new car’s seat. It’s all in your control and up to you.

DriveTime’s DriveCare 5 year / 50,000 mile powertrain limited warranty is included with many cars that we sell and is always an option to add on if it is not included. DriveCare ensures that if there happens to be an issue with your car, it’s covered under the warranty so you can stay happy and your car can stay on the road.

We feel comfortable backing our cars with such a strong warranty due to our multi-point inspections that are completed on every car that we sell. It’s not easy to know a good car from a bad car unless you’re a mechanic. That’s why we take care of everything before the car makes it to the lot. In short, we provide peace of mind.

Because we have nothing to hide – our cars have passed a rigorous inspection, there are no questions as to where the car has been and what condition it is in and no reason for salesmen to pull a “fast one” on our customers; we can keep our attention on assuring our customers have the best experience possible.

And that’s something slimy salesmen Joe simply can’t do.

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