Top Accessories to Bring New Life to Your Used Car

In this day and age, commuting by car is the most used method of daily transportation. But how can you make these countless drives more enjoyable? There are a number of gadgets and accessories available that will help you get the most out of your used car, from enhancing safety to adding personality and more.

Here are the top accessories we’ve come across to improve your driving experience, regardless if it is for your daily commute or a cross country trip.

Improving Car Safety

We figured we’d start with safety before getting into the fun stuff. Here are two of our favorites:

  • CarMD®. This is a diagnostic tool, which will alert you to anything that might be going wrong. Install it when the engine is off, power up the vehicle, and CarMD will check your car’s “health”. It will let you know if something needs your attention or isn’t working as it should. You can plug the device into your personal computer, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong and see a price estimate for repairing or replacing the part.
  • Breathometer. If you’ve had a drink or two, it’s worth it to check your blood alcohol content. Not only is it illegal to drive with a BAC of over 0.08%, it’s also one of the least safe things you can do on the road. While you should never solely rely on a breathometer to tell you if you should be behind the wheel or not, they are becoming more common and increasingly accurate.

Gadgets for Fun

Want to add a little personality to your car? Here are some choice accessories to enhance your own driving experience, as well as to convey your message to other drivers:

  • Drivemocion Car LED. Attach this device to your rear windows and you’ll be able to express your innermost feelings to the cars around you. Did someone almost sideswipe you? Give them an angry face. Want to show your appreciation? Offer a smiley face to nearby drivers.
  • Car eyelashes. CarLashes consist of a set of plastic eyelashes, which attach securely right above your headlights. You can add eyeliner to spice up your car’s look.
  • Cooling seat pads. When your car has been baking in a hot parking lot for several hours, it’s no fun to reenter a stuffy, smelly interior. Try a cooling car seat pad, which will plug right into your car’s 12V outlet and deliver a refreshing cool temperature immediately. On the flipside, you can add heat to your seat during the freezing winter months. A must for any car owner with a leather interior.

How have you personalized your own used car? What are your “must-have” car accessories?


  1. Don Milosch, Jr.   •  

    Used cars can be a great deal, but a lot of people struggle with the fact that a stranger used to own it. Adding new accessories can really help make a car feel like it’s yours.

  2. Anthony D.   •  

    Adding up of accessories will surely let the feel of used cars go and start thinking as if its brand new car is being modified according to our taste.

  3. JamesB   •  

    Yes, Car accessories for women can be unique and useful – ideas include purse hooks, first aid kits, and stylish car organizers etc. with these accessories our car doesn’t have to be boring.

  4. John West   •  

    How about a stylish phone holder? I think every car needs to have one as it provides safety to its users with its hands-free tech.

  5. D. Anthony   •  

    Adding accessories to used cars is great thing. By doing this we make our car more beautiful and the feeling that its a used car goes away forever,looks like a customized car of our own thinking.

  6. Kyle Ross   •  

    This is a great idea! By adding your own touches to your car, you can feel comfortable and content even in a cheaper car. My wife and I recently bought a pretty inexpensive car, and as the low price suggests, it isn’t the nicest ride. However, by adding accessories, maybe we can make it feel nicer. We will definitely look into this!

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