8 Must-Have Car Gadgets

The 8 Must-Have Car Gadgets Right Now

Everybody loves gadgets and thanks to modern technology, these toys are not in short supply. But even though there are many gadgets on the market, some are in higher demand than others. If you want to spruce up your ride, and maybe even make it a bit safer as well, start thinking gadgets.

“Feel like James Bond or Doc Brown with these hip car gadgets.”

Now, we are not talking James Bond tools. Though it would be really fun if your car could also turn into a submarine or become invisible (though driving invisible seems a bit dangerous), these gadgets are more about practicality and fun. Also, some provide a bit of safety too. So impress your friends and feel hip by grabbing some of these gadgets for your own ride.

  1. Road Angel Gem: While we know you are not a speeder and always abide by the speed limits, there are certainly times when that foot gets heavy. Luckily, the Road Angel Gem is there to remind you how fast the speed limit is and when there are upcoming speed cameras. Usually, people find out how fast they are going after they have already passed a speed camera and an officer is handing them a ticket. You can be ahead of the game by driving the correct speed right by the camera. You can even wave if you want as you pass on your way.
  2. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics: When you know there is something wrong with your vehicle but you can’t pinpoint it, the mechanic doesn’t believe you and offers alternatives that you don’t trust, the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics is there for you. This little gadget plugs into your car and provides mechanical and troubleshooting data on your vehicle’s health. According to LifeHack, the device has an app you can view on your smartphone, and it will report exactly what is going on with your car. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
  3. Handpresso Auto Portable Espresso Maker: Even better than a drive through. With this device you can make a cup of espresso right in your car. It doesn’t require electricity and is small for convenient use. Don’t let road sleepiness catch up to you, drink right past it with this excellent gadget. And while you are enjoying your fresh cup of espresso, and impressing whoever is in the passenger seat, try to remember the last time James Bond made a coffee in his car, and yes, you are right, he never did.
  4. Flashlight by Jumper Power Labs: No, the Flashlight is not just a flashlight in the traditional sense of the word or functionality. In many ways, it is an answer to many of your problems while traveling. For example, this device is a handheld power source that can charge your smartphone three or four times on a single charge. Also, you can jump-start the battery in your car up to 20 times without recharging the Flashlight.
  5. Gadgets can make your car safer and more fun.

    Wouldn’t you love to be asked, “What can your car do?”


  6. Odii: Some gadgets are more practical than others, and Odii is one that will make you wonder how you went so long without it. Odii is simply a tool that can be stored easily in your glove box or center console, and is used for picking up those items that you always seem to drop between the seat and the door, or whatever small place that you can’t seem to get your fingers down into without taking your eyes off the road for longer than you need to. Whether your phone fell, or a credit card or maybe even the change for the toll, this tool will help you retrieve it with ease.
  7. R2-D2 USB Charger: If James Bond isn’t quite your thing, but Star Wars is, then check out the R2-D2 USB charger. Crooked Brains noted that it fits in a cup holder and has several ports for charging your phone, or whatever else you need to keep charged in the car. You need to provide your own cable, but as long as you have that then R2 will help your journey be a success.
  8. Flux Capacitor USB Charger: Similar to R2-D2, this device is from another science fiction realm, though a little closer to home. If where you are going you don’t need roads, but you do need electricity, then this Back To The Future gadget is the thing for our ride. And what’s really cool is this device lights up the same way Doc Brown’s did, as noted by Washington’s Top News.
  9. Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge: Tire pressure is extremely crucial to safe driving. If your pressure is off then your tires could be at risk. This gadget fits into the palm of your hand and accurately lets you know the pressure for your tires. Also, it is only $15, and according to Popular Mechanics it works as well as the more expensive models on the market. There is no reason to go without it.

Make your ride cooler and feel safer with these gadgets. While the make and model of your car are bound to make an impression, nothing says hip like some modern gadgets. Also, many of these items will help you keep your eyes on the road and not have to worry about some of the things you currently worry about while driving, such as speed traps and knowing exactly why your check engine light continues to blink.


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    With the smartphone becoming the hub of everything we do, dedicated GPS systems have understandably dwindled in popularity.

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