Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

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It’s easy to get stressed about the holidays and let it wear you down. Sure, there is a delicious meal to look forward to, but there is also horrendous traffic and dealing with extended lines at supermarkets and shops. But these are just details that people choose to focus on. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be hectic. It’s a holiday to sit and relax with friends and family, to share a meal and reflect on all you have.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget the point of the holiday. Enjoy it to the fullest. Keep the following items in mind when preparing for this Thanksgiving:


There is nothing as important as breathing. But be mindful of your breathing this year. Take deep, slow breaths, even if the traffic is bumper to bumper. Getting upset is not going to move those cars along any faster. Slow yourself down and just be patient. You’ll get to where you are going, and when you do arrive, continue this slow pace. Take in every moment of the day.

“Don’t forget the point of the holiday.” 

Be positive

It’s an easy thing to say, but it is true that those who have a positive outlook are happier. Being positive doesn’t mean everything is going great. Similarly, having a negative outlook doesn’t mean things are going poorly, it’s just your outlook. Healthline recommends flipping that switch of your attitude. Don’t complain about the hassles or worry about the rest of the world. Take this day and approach it with gratitude and make the decision to see the positive side of things.

Engage in the meal

How often do your family and friends get together and share a large feast? And if they do, how often is the entire day dedicated to it? This holiday is for that reason in particular. It reminds us that there are loved ones who want to spend time with us and share a meal with us. So do it. Savor every bite. Don’t sit at the table and think only about the food, which can be difficult. Focus on those sitting around the table. Listen to what they have to say. Hear about their lives and share yours as well.

Likewise, allow yourself to eat only as much as you want. Just because there is an array of options, you don’t have to fill yourself up and be unpleasantly full. Being slow will help you eat less too, and be more engaging afterwards.

The meal is only as good as the company.

Don’t be afraid to laugh

Thanksgiving is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be serious. Laugh all day. If something goes wrong, and it might, just laugh with your family about it while you fix it. Laughter is a wonderful thing, especially when it is shared. Laugh and smile and don’t take the day too seriously.

Getting wrapped up in the pressure of the holiday is a sure way not to enjoy it. Take a step back and remember what the day is all about. Enjoy your friends and family, but also enjoy yourself. Be comfortable and content this day, and be thankful for everything you have.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends and family at DriveTime.

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