Quick Winter Workouts You Can Do Inside

735d87736e32ad5f6b3d31aa806463c4Winter is an easy time to make excuses. It’s cold outside, there is ice on the ground, snow is difficult to walk in and driving requires scraping the windshield and windows, not to mention waiting while the car warms up. Some would even make the argument that going outside during the winter is a ridiculous notion and that curling up with a book next to the fireplace is not only more comfortable, but drastically more intelligent.

“Staying healthy should be a priority.”

While this may be true, being cooped up in the house also invites laziness, which is not good for your mind or your body. Just because it is cold outside and you aren’t going to be wearing your swimming suit doesn’t mean you should ignore your body. But it’s beyond that too, as your mind needs some stimulation as well. Stay fit in the winter to keep yourself healthy. Winter is the time when most people get sick, so be proactive. Let your body stay strong inside and out and have a healthy 2015.

Here are a few exercises you can do without leaving the comfort and warmth of your home:

Low impact workouts

There are many workouts that you can do in spurts that are excellent for your physical and cardiovascular health, such as pushups and leg raises. According to Peak Fitness, doing reps of these types of workouts will keep your body toned because they rely on your body weight. Also, they don’t take a lot of time. Doing them in the morning is your best bet because the longer you wait into the day, the more excuses you’ll make not to do them. Other exercises that fit into this category are sit ups, jumping rope and squats, which can be done by just bending your knees and keeping your back against the wall – you don’t need a bar bell to do low impact squats.


Having a low-weight pair of dumbbells around the house is a great way to put on some muscle. For clarification, you are not going to get ripped in the short winter months, but using your muscles, especially in the cold, is a great way to keep blood moving and the body working. Also, you can do curls while you watch television! Maybe you can alternate hands between your dumbbell and your book while reading? Dumbbells also work more than just arms, depending on how you lift them, according to Fitbie. For instance, you can do sit ups with one on your chest, strengthening your abs.

Working out is good for the brain!


Yoga is maybe the best thing you can do for your body on a regular basis because it’s not all about strength and tone, but being calm and happy. Yoga lowers stress and quiets the mind. According to Health and Fitness Travel, yoga boosts confidence, increases flexibility, helps you lose weight, lowers blood pressure and helps keep your immune system strong. It’s a no brainer! There are many different styles and poses you can try out, some you are guaranteed to enjoy more than others. But don’t be put off by yoga because the results will be greatly satisfying.

Staying healthy is important, and it is more difficult to do in the winter when you are less active. Get that body working and impress all of your friends and family when the warm months come around. You can meet them all at the poolside and when they ask, “Have you been working out?” you can smile and say, “Yes. Yes I have.”

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