People Need Traction Control, Too

“Winter is coming” is much more than a scary premonition uttered constantly on Game of Thrones.

For much of the country, it’s actually the cold, hard truth. And, of course, nothing warms a body up like a hearty laugh at someone else’s expense. Those who live in the icy parts of the U.S. are well aware that winter offers some of the best fodder out there. So, if the air is feeling a bit brisk where you live, watch these videos on human traction control to see what we mean.

Toddler Falls and Can’t Get Up

This child may never forgive her parents when she realizes they set her up to fail and videotaped the whole thing for a laugh. At least she’s adorable.

A Quick Dip in the Pool

Ouch. It’s hard to guess which hurt worse after this stunt: his entire backside or his pride. I’m going to guess he might look back and laugh at this one day…after he heals.

Danger in the Lake

I don’t think that’s what she was going for. At least it gave us a laugh.

Breakdancing Ice Fiend

As if breakdancing isn’t embarrassing enough on its own. Seriously. That’s so 1980s.

Stairwell from Hell

Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show, my friends. This might take a while.

Tempting Fate

Observe this man as he attempts to tap dance on ice for no apparent reason at all.

15 Minutes of Fame

I have a feeling this guy didn’t call home to say, “Mom, I was on the news!”

Shopping is Dangerous

Shopping sure is fun. But, this woman appears to have gotten more than she bargained for.

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to prepare yourself for the ice, snow and sludge whether you want to or not.

Just remember that it’s okay to enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s expense as long as no one gets hurt. And, watch out for cameras and people who would rather laugh hysterically than help you.

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