Football Tailgating On A Budget

How To Throw The Best Tailgate Party on A Budget

Football season is well underway, which means it’s the prime time to tailgate for your favorite teams. However, tailgating is easier said than done. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a successful tailgating party.

When many people think about what makes a tailgating party great, they might think about extravagant accessories like flagpoles sporting your team’s logo or giant, inflatable football players. But the perfect party doesn’t need flashy decorations to make it great.

Celebrating your team with your friends is what makes tailgating fun. However, your favorite food, beverages and games definitely help. Here are some tips on how to throw a successful tailgating party.

“When fans are tailgating, a football game becomes an all-day event.”

Teamwork Helps Save Money
When fans are tailgating, a football game is an all-day event. According to Weber, you may be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the game. You’ll want to plan ahead for the preparation of each meal.

Preparing three meals for a big group of people can get pricey. However, there are a few things you can do to help cut costs.

One thing you can do is delegate tasks, U.S & World News suggests. Organize with the other people going to the game and decide who is in charge of bringing what. A different person can be in charge of each meal, while someone else will provide paper plates and plastic ware, or another friend can bring condiments or drinks. Finally, someone else can take care of providing sunscreen, bug spray or a first aid kit.

According to Generation X Finance, another way to bring costs down is to buy essentials, like burgers or brats, in advance when they’re on sale, and freeze them until game day. Buying them in bulk will save money, plus it will be one less thing to do when you’re getting everything together the day before the game.

Preparing food ahead of time is also a great way to save money. Buy whole veggies and slice them up ahead of time rather than buying pre-cut veggies. Other popular tailgate sides can usually be found in the deli of a grocery store. However, making a big bowl of potato salad or taco dip will usually cost less than buying the same amount from the deli.

Finally, there are some tailgate supply essentials that everyone should have, like chairs, tables and tents. These can be pricey items if bought new. Before heading to the store, ask your friends if they already have some they can bring to the tailgate. If not, ask around to see if someone else will lend you theirs for the day.

Drive and Park Smart
If you have many friends coming, consider carpooling to the game. If you’re going to multiple games this season, you can even switch off who will drive. Carpooling will help save on gas and paying for parking!

According to SC Johnson, some parking spots cost more than others. If you want a prime parking space, talk to the other members of your group and see if everyone can pitch in for the added price. Or, find a less expensive space to set up shop, and get there early to claim your space. Many times, a shuttle will be available to bring people to the stadium from the far-away spaces.

The tradition of the tailgate party is a major part of the football culture. Make sure you’re ready for the rest of this season by following these money-saving tips for your next tailgate party.

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