World Series Party

How To Make Your World Series Party a Home Run

Baseball fans across the country have been watching closely as their favorite teams challenge each other for a spot in the World Series.  As this year’s postseason heats up, many MLB fans are planning their World Series watch party. The first game is just a few weeks away and Game 4 will fall on Halloween. Here are some tips to make your watch party a success.

“The best ball games are accompanied by hot dogs, nachos and Cracker Jax.”

First thing’s first: your guests will want some food. The best ball games are accompanied by hot dogs, nachos and, of course, cracker jacks. Serving these are always a hit for a baseball party. However, for something a little different, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Hot dogs

  1. Chicago-Style Hot Dogs: According to Vienna Beef, Chicago-style hot dogs were first introduced during the Great Depression, when street vendors would sell them for five cents. The combination of tomatoes, pickles and peppers made these quick meals a hit for years to come.
  2. Pretzel and Beer Dogs: For the ultimate combination of three baseball game classics, Mr. Food suggests creating these deep-fried appetizers. Hot dog pieces, battered with beer and crushed pretzels and deep fried are sure to satisfy everyone.


  1. BBQ Chicken Nachos: The only thing that could make a plate of nachos better is adding some barbecue chicken. Macheesmo successfully accomplishes this with its BBQ Chicken Nachos recipe. Plus, using mozzarella and gouda cheese instead of the classic nacho dip is sure to win over your friends.
  2. Nacho Normal Cheesecake: Throw everyone off their game with this festive cheesecake idea. It looks just like a bowl of classic nachos, but this recipe from Food Network is a little sweeter than your average bowl of chips and cheese.

Cracker Jax

  1. Homemade Cracker Jax: A baseball game wouldn’t be complete without Cracker Jax. Treat your guests to the classic ball game snack with a homemade version. The Kitchen adds some Spanish red peanuts, molasses and brown sugar to your popcorn for the perfect creation.
  2. Cracker Jax Caramel Corn Milkshake: This classic can be incorporated into many surprising things. the Cracker Jax Milkshake from Sugar and Charm is just one delicious example of the snack’s versatility. This is sure to please baseball fans of all ages.
  3. Cracker Jax Crusted Chicken: Keep the Cracker Jax theme going with tasty chicken tenders breaded with Cracker Jax. This recipe from Tasty Trials even explains how to make a spicy peanut sauce to dip the strips into.

Having the right food for your World Series party is essential, but not the only element that will make your party memorable. Set the stage for the game with some baseball-themed decorations.

  1. DIY Baseball Wreath: To kick off the baseball season, The Pinterest Project put together this baseball wreath. Even though the regular season is over, a watch party is a great reason to make one. Plus, you’ll have it all ready for next year’s season!
  2. Baseball Themed Plates: You can’t just have everyone eating all this delicious food out of their hands. Find some baseball themed paper plates at a party store, such as Windy City Novelties. The best part of paper plates is that, after the game is over and it’s time to clean up, there aren’t any dishes to do.

Having great food and decorations can make watching the World Series a fun time. However, don’t forget about the best part: rooting for your team with your friends and family. Keep this in mind when planning and your party is sure to be a home run!

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