Get Inspired: Holiday Lights Videos

For some people, the holidays represent a stressful and demanding time of the year. With all of the family get-togethers, special events and high expectations, it’s easy to see why. Still, some aspects of the holiday are nothing but fun, and watching competitive neighbors try to outdo one another is one of those occasions.

If you’re stressed out by the holidays and need some cheering up, check out these amazing light displays:

Christmas—Gangnam Style

Tired of traditional holiday light displays, this family made it a point to change things up. It almost makes you want to get out there and do that silly dance, doesn’t it?

A Schizophrenic Christmas

This Christmas light display is all over the place. Watch the lights feel happy, then sad, then happy again, before finally breaking out in a grand finale of Christmas wonder.

What Will the Neighbors Say?

This light display set to “What Does the Fox Say?” might leave you shaking your head, but it’s certain to get your attention. All I know is that I doubt the neighbors are happy about it.

Fur Elise

With a modern take on traditional classical music, this Christmas light show display is destined to impress.

The Huge Electric Bill Show

How many houses are in on this thing? Try and figure it out as you enjoy beautiful lights set to some of the most popular holiday music out there.

Have a Disco Christmas

Experience a blast from the past with this disco light display. The dancing is just a bonus.

The Whole Package

This holiday light display gets the whole yard involved, not just the house.

Techno Party Christmas

This holiday light display might not just be about Christmas, but it sure is amazing. In other news, my head hurts.

Orchestrated Show

This Christmas light show combines amazing orchestra tunes with the most magnificently-coordinated light display ever.

A Little Girl’s Dream

If you’re not tired of hearing “Let It Go” yet, you might be after watching this a few times.

While Christmas light displays might seem like a wasteful extravagance to some people, they provide a welcome respite from the holiday grind to others. And, if you’re not cheered up about the holidays, remember that it could be worse—one of these people could be your next door neighbor.

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