Hot Cars, Cool Gifts: What to Get Your Car-Loving Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s nice to show your dad or another great father figure in your life that you appreciate them on this day. The typical Father’s Day gift may be a classic tie or a simple card, but this year, consider taking it up a notch. Find out what your dad really likes and show him you care.

If your dad is like most Americans, he drives a car fairly regularly. He might even be a car enthusiast. There are plenty of great gifts you can get your car-loving dad this June.

Practical Car Gifts

Maybe your dad isn’t necessarily in love with his car, but he uses it to get around every day. He deserves to feel comfortable during his commute. If he’s driving all the time, he likely has dealt with a mess or two in his car, or at least the unfortunate loss of an item between the seats and the center console. Dodo Burd pointed out that the solution to this all-too-common problem is the car seat gap filler which fits snuggly next to the seat. It will prevent personal items, like cellphones, loose change and snacks, from falling beneath the seat.

The dad who travels or needs to look up directions to get around may wind up relying on his phone’s GPS quite a bit. But trying to balance his phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other isn’t the safest way to navigate from point A to point B. Instead, get this navigating man in your life a universal cell phone holder. This will keep the phone out of his hands and at eye level, so he doesn’t have to look down to find the next direction.

Few things are more frustrating in the morning than frantically trying to find your keys while you know you’re already running late. Help your pops out by getting him the Tile, a small white square he can attach to his keys and track down using a smartphone app.

Gifts for the DIY Dad

If your dad loves to get under the hood and work on his car, you can bet he would appreciate some tools to help him out with maintenance projects. He’ll likely be sliding under the car sooner or later, so getting him something that is both comfortable and convenient could make his oil changes a little bit better. Gear Patrol suggested a convertible creeper, which is padded and will fold up for easy storage.

“Keep dad cool while he’s working in the garage during the summer months.”

If he’s going to be out in the garage for a long period of time, he might want something to listen to while he works. Get him a set of Bluetooth portable speakers so he can play his favorite songs or listen to some talk radio.

Working in the garage can get pretty warm in the summer. Be sure your dad keeps cool while fixing up his car with an industrial fan. Dodo Burd explained it will work to circulate the air not only for comfort, but also to dissipate any strong fumes.

Gifts for the True Car Lover

Just as some dads view their cars as essential things to have, and others look at them as hobbies or projects to be completed, still others see them as works of art and appreciate the history behind the industry and various models. Dodo Burd suggested getting the car enthusiast the Encyclopedia of Classic Cars.

Some auto lovers collect classic or luxury cars. That’s not a realistic hobby that fits into everyone’s budget, though. If your dad wishes he were a car collector but doesn’t quite have the garage space or finances to do so, get him a smaller model. Business Insider pointed out that you can find scale models of amazing cars that your dad will be able to enjoy without having to worry about proper storage.

Car enthusiasts usually don’t just like to read about cars and admire them; they also like to put them to the test and do a little driving themselves. Get him a pair of great driving gloves. Often overlooked as a safety feature, these will help him keep his grip on the steering wheel while he’s winding around his favorite road.


  1. Alex Meyer   •  

    Cool Ideas!

    As you mention, a mechanics creeper is a GREAT gift. Working on cars usually include super-yoga-like postures trying to reach bolts in dark spots that often result in a heck of a lot of pain. Combine that with laying on the bare floor… definitely not cool!

    There’s a few more great things to gift to any serious DIY car guy. On my name is a link to a massive list with 60 tools for mechanics. Feel free to give it a check or feature it on your publication.

    In any case, keep up the nice work. Is rare to see a side-blog from a traditional business getting the whole blogging thing right, and you do!


    Alex Meyer

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    I was searching for a gift for my father as a birthday gift. After reading your article i think a creeper is the best gift for him. I am going to this for him.
    Thanks Sara !

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    Hi, I’m from Canada. I have read your article and it is really useful. Thank you for sharing. I was searching for a gift for my father as a birthday gift. After reading your article, I know what to do next.

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