DriveTime Unveils The Genius Way to Buy a Car™… At Auctions

DriveTime’s Efficient, Systematic Way to Purchase Vehicles for Retail Sale

DriveTime, the nation’s second-largest used car retailer focused solely on used vehicles, has announced the Genius Way to Buy a Car™ at auctions with the launch of Buyonic™.

Available on either desktop or mobile device, Buyonic™ is an internally developed application to streamline, automate and reinvent the auction purchasing process.

Peter Hermes, Managing Director, Inventory: “We’re excited about the features and early successes of Buyonic™, including:

  • Pre-filtered vehicle lists guiding buy strategy and live auction actions
  • Recommended purchase values
  • Live performance tracking
  • Capture estimated reconditioning value
  • Real-time adaptability on purchasing needs.”

Maureen Needham, Director/IT, Inventory:  “We began piloting Buyonic™ with our online buyers beginning in December of last year, and it is now in use with all of our in-line and online buyers.  We are already planning enhancements including recommended delivery location and automated condition report evaluation.”

Colin Bachinsky, Vice President of Inventory:  “While continuing to be a leader in automotive digital retailing, DriveTime is also innovating in other areas of our business.   Long term, we expect our most recent innovation, Buyonic™, to help us capture the entire inventory life cycle of auction, purchase and reconditioning data, allowing us to strategically use the information to win more bids at a better price with lower reconditioning costs while continuing to provide our customers with vehicles. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the quality, efficiency and cost reduction opportunities.”

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About DriveTime

With “The Genius Way to Buy a Car”, DriveTime is transforming the purchase of a used vehicle. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, DriveTime operates over 140 dealerships nationwide with annual sales exceeding 150,000 used vehicles, 1.2 million+ monthly website visitors, and over $2 billion in consumer credit requests each month.  DriveTime now provides used vehicles and used vehicle financing to the full range of customers in the market today, including competitively priced, lower mileage used cars.  DriveTime offerings include used car features on its online inventory; speed of financing including a credit score and the starting down payment in less than two minutes; prices on every used vehicle online and at its dealerships; no-haggle pricing; salaried associates trained to help our customers find the right used vehicle for them; and a five day, no questions asked used vehicle return program.


  1. Carrie   •  

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy a car from DriveTime me and my son-in-law bought a car from DriveTime both of us don’t have no air they refused to fix it because we didn’t think about it cuz we bought the car in a colder months so it wasn’t something we thought about and they don’t want to honor the fact they sold the car posted that it had air conditioner and it really doesn’t my car has no air conditioner needs a axle needs ball joints the tires are rubbing it is a big mess and nobody wants to fix it so their recommendation is negative Infinity don’t I repeat don’t buy a car from them they sell rigged up cars that are rigged to work for about 6 months and then they’re no good they charge you over $30,000 for car that’s only worth $10,000

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Carrie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing so many issues with your vehicle so early after purchasing your vehicle, especially the air conditioning. The mechanical concerns with the vehicle could potentially have coverage through SilverRock, your vehicle service provider. I would encourage you to reach out to SilverRock regarding these concerns at (877) 584-3848 and they will direct you to an in-network shop to have your vehicle diagnosed. I would also encourage your son-in-law to reach out to them as well.

      Please know that all of our vehicles are inspected prior to sale in an attempt to prevent these concerns. The vehicles sold from DriveTime are pre-owned and as a result there are times where mechanical concerns may arise post-sale. For this reason every vehicle sold from DriveTime comes with a 30-day/1,500-mile Limited Warranty, along with the optional Extended Vehicle Service Contract, to possibly assist in these situations.

      Your business means a lot to us, please contact our Customer Relations department at (800)965-8043 should you wish to address other concerns or to discuss this situation further.

      Thank you,
      Jodi- Customer Relations

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