#DTRoadTrip: The Spirit of Dallas

Texas is massive! As we made our way across the Texas plains under that enormous, blue sky, we felt like pioneers heading to the frontier. This was the true West! Home to rugged cowboys, ranching horses and long-horn cattle. But when that magnificent Dallas skyline came into view, it was clear that things have changed.

Dallas is a mega-city in the heart of Texas. It’s packed with high rises and all the modern conveniences that we enjoy, and as we neared the city, we couldn’t help but wonder if there was any of that frontier spirit left in 21st century Dallas.

Things may be different now, but we still had frontier spirit, and we were ready for an adventure. Our first stop for #DTRoadTrip Dallas was DriveTime’s Redbird dealership.

Meet the Team!


Visitors to the Redbird dealership are often impressed by our young team and their expert level of customer service. In a short time, they established Redbird’s reputation as a customer friendly car dealership by being “real” throughout the sales process, and doing their best to help customers make informed decisions.

We could tell there was something else going on at Redbird that made this place extra special. It was frontier spirit! How this young team established themselves in their community was reminiscent of frontier pioneers. They share the same rugged determination to make things work out, regardless of their circumstances. Keep that frontier spirit strong Redbird!

Time for Some Fun!

If there is one place in Dallas where the frontier spirit still thrives, it’s in their food. The Pecan Lodge is the best Texas barbecue restaurants in Dallas. Maybe even the whole state.


We ordered “The Trough” which was a literal pile of smoked brisket, sausage and ribs. We savored every bit of it, and we left feeling very full of delicious food and that ol’ frontier spirit.


We couldn’t really say we truly had frontier spirit until we visited the famous “Cattle Drive” statues at Pioneer Plaza. The 49 bronze steers and three horse mounted ranchers are a monument to the frontier pioneers of the old West.

Strolling through the life size statues gave us a sense of relief that the frontier spirit was alive and well in modern Dallas.

Do You Know Dallas?

We wish we had more time to explore Dallas. What did we miss? Please tell us in the comments.

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See you on the road!

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