#DTRoadTrip: Living the Clearwater Life

Clearwater Travel Checklist

Sunscreen? Check.

Flip-flops? Check.

Aloe vera, for the inevitable sunburn? Double check.

Clever t-shirt that says: “How to get a beach body: Step One, go to the beach. Step Two…done.”? You better believe it.

Looks like everything is in order. Let’s head on down to Clearwater, Florida to check in on our inspection center team and hopefully catch some rays and gnarly waves. #DTRoadTrip!

Meet the Team


DriveTime’s Clearwater Inspection Center employs 63 expert auto technicians. They supply vehicles to many of our east coast dealerships; making sure the engine is running smoothly, that the car looks great and that every inch of it is ready for the customer.

If you’re ever interested in going behind the scenes of DriveTime, Clearwater IC cordially invites you to take a sneak peak on how they prepare our vehicles for purchase.

“Our doors are always open! We look forward to seeing you here in the future.”

Have Some Fun!

If you’re looking to have a good time in Florida, you have to get in the water. The state is literally surrounded by ocean. Point your car east or west, and in no time at all you’ll be at a world-class beach.

We didn’t jump in all at once. First we dipped into the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to admire the incredible ocean life thriving off the Florida coast.

dtroadtrip clearwater marine

After the aquarium, it only seemed natural to go to the beach. The water was great, but the waves were small, and we came to shred! Where could we find a great surfing beach?

dtroadtrip clearwater beach

We drove east to Cocoa Beach on the opposite coast. There, we brushed up on our surf history at the Ron Jon Surf Shop Museum, rented some longboards and hit the beach.

dtroadtrip surf shop

And then the beach hit us back! We came to grips that surfing was definitely not something we could pick up in a day, and we had other places to be, so we decided to just relax and take in the view.

dtroadtrip clearwater beach

We left Clearwater knowing that we missed out on so much. What seafood should we have tried? What Florida hot spots did we pass up? Tell us what we could have done in the comments.

Be sure to follow DriveTime on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where we’ll be next week, and leave us suggestions for things to do and places to go.

See you on the road!


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    Other than the CEO of the company, do you employ or hire anyone over 40 years of age?

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