5 (Not So) Polite Ways to Show Off Your New Car

You did the research, negotiated the best deal and finally purchased a new (or new-to-you) car.

You are proud of your accomplishment and want everyone to enjoy your new car with you. So, why not show it off to everyone you know? That’s the best part about buying a new car, right? Here are five ways to show off your new ride, in a (not so) polite manner.

Share 87 Pictures on Social Media
Social media is about sharing everything that’s going on in your life, and buying a new car is an important milestone. Having a new car is like having a new baby, and you want everyone to see.


When taking pictures, make sure to get lots of different types—close-ups, ones with different backgrounds, images of the interior and exterior. Be sure to share all the details of the car’s features including its make and model, engine specifics and anything else that might be interesting to your car-loving friends. An extra bonus would be to create a short, virtual tour.

Show Off Its Unique Features
Nothing gets your friends interested in checking out your new car like enticing them with a strange or unique feature. Does your car have an awesome stereo system? Does it have a funny sounding horn? Did you get new headlights installed? Use whatever you can to peak their curiosity so they will be sure to see what all the talk is about. Once they arrive, you can give them a complete walk-around of how the car works, how fast it can go and how much gas mileage it gets.

steering wheel

Drive With the Music Up and Windows Down
While you’re driving around the city, make sure to roll down your windows and crank the music up so everyone will turn to check out your car. The combination of your cool new car mixed with your fantastic taste in music will no doubt grab everyone’s attention.

This also is a great time to throw an impromptu party in a nearby parking lot. Open all your doors and windows, and really pump up the volume for everyone to hear. Then, sit back and watch all the heads that turn to look at your car.

Be the Carpool Driver
Millennials always enjoy activities that are fun and can be used to make extra money. Offer to drive around your work friends for the next week, and charge them a small fee for gas. Beyond driving to and from work, offer to drive them to the grocery store or to pick up their kids from school.

Extend this invitation to the parents of the kids who go to school with your little ones. If you can get little kids buzzing about how cool your car is, the whole neighborhood will be talking about it. Everyone will get an up-close-and-personal look at how awesome your car is, and you’ll be able to make some extra cash at the same time.

Take Up Multiple Parking Spots
If there’s one thing that gets a large amount of attention for a car, it’s when the owner parks in several parking spaces at once. While you’re out doing errands, picking up the kids or going to work, try parking your new car across multiple parking spots. You don’t want it to get damaged anyway, right?

bad park job

The key to showing off your new car and getting the most exposure possible is to follow these five steps while adding in your creative flair.

People love seeing new cars, and the louder and more ridiculous they are, the more attention you’ll get.

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