Road Trip Planner: ’90s Music Jams Playlist

Planning to hit the road for the holiday season? You’re not alone. According to AAA, more than 25 percent of Americans ditched air travel for the highway in 2012. And the roads continue to fill up each November and December.

If you’re preparing to head out in the next few weeks, packing your bags and punching the destination into your GPS is the easy part. Coming up with the perfect playlist that will keep you entertained through those less-scenic stretches is the difficult part.

And technology doesn’t make it any better – there are far too many songs to choose from, and, with your busy schedule, you simply don’t have time to compile the perfect list.

No worries. We’ve got you covered: 1990s edition (make sure to subscribe to our Spotify playlist at the bottom!).

1. Janet Jackson: Escapade

Remember your first crush? This song will bring back memories of the moment he caught your eye. He was looking fly, and you couldn’t wait to rescue him from the worries of the world and show him a good time.

2. Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby

What’s a trip down memory lane without this jam? If you stepped on the dance floor packed with folks showing off their best moves, the party was sure to be a hit.

3. Mariah Carey: Emotions

In the ’90s, every girl felt cute when a hit from Mariah Carey came on. Let the wind blow through your hair as you ride down the highway feeling sexy and screaming (or singing) at the top of your lungs as you attempt to hit those high notes.

4. Kris Kross: Jump

Feeling a little bored after a few hours on the road? Bust a move and let Kris Kross make you jump, jump!

5. Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Back

Let it all hang out, and we mean literally by flexing your buns, hun. Just be careful not to burst out of your seat belt.

6. Backstreet Boys: Quit Playing Games

A 90s list isn’t complete without this Backstreet Boys ballad. We all wish we could turn back time…impossible as it may seem…quit playing games with our hearts!

7. Mariah Carey: Dreamlover

If only your parents sat and listened to the true meaning of this song. You were too young to be rescued or taken anywhere, but it was your jam and no one could tell you differently. And you just couldn’t get “him” off your mind.

8. Boyz II Men: I’ll Make Love to You

Get a room! At least that’s what you used to tell your friends when they were making out to this song.

9. TLC: Creep

Do you recall a time when you were torn between two lovers without actually understanding what love really was? Oh, the memories.

10. Celine Dion: Because You Loved Me (From “Up Close & Personal“)

Remember the first time you heard this song, and it reminded you of that special someone who made all the difference? Tear.

11. Spice Girls: Wannabe

If you had the Spice Girls’ CD, you were all that and a bag of chips. And more than likely, this song was on repeat every time you and your girls got together.

12. Hanson: Mmmbop

You had absolutely no idea what the band was saying. But hey, it sounded good, so you went with it.

13. Will Smith: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

Go ahead. Wiggle like a worm in the driver’s seat and get jiggy with it for old time’s sake. Pretend like you’re the main attraction on the dance floor, and everyone’s watching.

14. Destiny’s Child: Bills, Bills, Bills

Even though you were too young to have any real bills, you were blasting this song on your stereo. And, any guy that wanted a chance had to have some cheddar in the bank, or they were politely dismissed from your presence.

15. TLC: No Scrubs

Boy, did the guys of the late ’90s have some tough standards to meet. Along with the dough, the guy who was checking you out couldn’t live at home with his mama. He had to have a crib of his own.

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