Recruiting Talent and Screaming in Excitement – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Jennifer Lee, Recruitment intern 

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lee; an intern from the recruitment department. Since the very beginning (when I applied for the internship and researched the company), I’ve known that DriveTime is the type of company that I would love to work for one day. The application process was simple somebody would always be in contact with me through email or phone with a friendly and patient response. My interviewers made me feel comfortable and welcomed through my interview and once I received the call that I made it in, I couldn’t help but scream in excitement.

For almost the whole first week of the internship, we were told what kind of company DriveTime is. We got to drive as a group over to the different locations of the company, such as the headquarters, an auction where cars are bought, an Inspection Center, a dealership, and the Mesa Operations Center (where I work) to see firsthand what DriveTime does and how they do things.

A unique aspect of DriveTime is that the whole company is a relationship-based company. This is illustrated through the energetic and positive vibe that every employee gives off which reverberates throughout the whole company, creating the amazing atmosphere that DriveTime thrives in.

A unique aspect of the internship program at DriveTime is that from beginning to end, you are extremely involved. You don’t feel like just an intern (doing only busy work like coffee runs and printing things out), because the people in the department make you feel like one of them; which may include having a similar workload as a typical employee, depending on the department. This allows you to really see what it would be like to work at this company.

It’s only been a few weeks, and I’ve learned so much from this internship already. Not just about DriveTime itself, but about working as part of the backbone of a big company. I learned that there are many, many aspects on the inside including recruiters, customer service, loan advisors, accountants, IT and marketing just to name a few. And on the outside there are sales advisors, general managers, salesmen, maintenance technicians and so on working to make DriveTime a successful company.

Because I’ve been working as a recruiter, I’ve been able to assess and observe the many different positions and qualifications to work for this company. This has allowed me to see that although it’s complicated to keep a big company up and advancing (because so many pieces are necessary); it’s not as bad if all of the positions work together. This is what DriveTime does, and this is why everybody likes working at this company. I have asked numerous employees how they like working here, and everybody has unanimously stated that they love it.

For more information on summer internship opportunities at DriveTime, visit our Careers Center website or continue to check our blog for updates.

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