Racing To The Rescue of Families In Need

Racing To The Rescue of Families In Need

Providing people with opportunities to achieve success in life is one of DriveTime’s deepest philosophies. This is evident in the way we provide mobility for those who desperately need it, but due to their tricky credit issues, don’t have reliable transportation options.

This philosophy reaches beyond the way we do business. Creating better opportunities for the communities we are a part of is something to be expected from DriveTime.

Who are we running for?

DriveTime sponsors a variety of charities throughout the year, but it’s only in the past two years that we began hosting our own. Our 2015 Kids In Need 5K Fun Run donated $200,000 to help pay the medical bills of children with life-threatening illnesses. A portion of donations came through volunteers in 48 communities across the country. This year we hope to raise even more.

The 2016 Family 5K Fun Run will be benefiting 56 families with a variety of needs. We have organized fifty-six 5K races across the country, and each race will be dedicated to a specific family in need.

Find a race in your area, and join us on Sunday, September 25. Runners and non-runners are encouraged to attend, give donations and enjoy the family activities we will be hosting at each of our 56 finish lines.

Donate today!

There are hundreds of thousands of families in crisis in our communities. Many are burdened with insurmountable medical expenses, others are struggling to find work and provide for their children. We can bring hope to these families.

Donate today to show your support for families in need in your community. Donate because life is unpredictable, and you hope your community would show the same support if you were in someone else’s shoes. Donate because you believe it’s the right thing to do.

Race day is September 25, and it is free to the public. Find a race in your area to show your support, give to a good cause and have some fun.

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