What Are The Most Popular Used Car Models?

For some car owners, a vehicle’s manufacturer and what it represents is the most important consideration when buying a car.

A family might own four cars, and each car is a Hyundai Sonata of a different color. Some people swear by Honda, while others claim Ford is the best. The reason for this is that everyone has different tastes and each manufacturer appeals to different markets. Each car owner has a unique lifestyle and different demands for their vehicle. Some cars are better for safety, while others are better for fuel efficiency and the environment.

But, which cars are the most popular and offer the best value? We’ve compiled a quick list that answers this exact question.

Honda Accord


The Accord is known for its dependability and long-lasting engine. That’s why J.D. Power & Associates studies give it such high marks. Another benefit of the Accord is that it retains its resale value extremely well. It’s even available as a hybrid, so the popularity of the Accord is likely to continue growing.

Ford Taurus

ford-taurusThis car has high ratings for reliability from J.D. Power & Associates, but its resale value doesn’t hold up well over time. That might be bad news for sellers, but it’s great news for buyers because they can get a quality car at a bargain price. The Taurus has consistently been ranked as one of the top ten affordable large cars in the USA.

Hyundai Sonata


The Sonata is known for its efficiency, comfort, and economical price. They’re affordable to buy, drive, and maintain. The Sonata also offers respectable fuel efficiency, with many models getting over 20 miles per gallon. For these reasons, it’s not surprising that the Sonata has become one of the most popular rides in recent years.

Buick LaCrosse


It’s a luxury car that offers low long-term ownership costs. The LaCrosse is also a fairly reliable vehicle, so it’s a great bargain on the resale market. The 2008 model comes with either a 200-horsepower V6 engine or a 300-horsepower V8 engine. Both models are popular and offer high quality performance.


Toyota Highlander


This crossover SUV offers dependability and solid resale ratings. With more room, it’s a perfect fit for anyone who carpools. The 2004 and later models come with third row seating, which makes it an especially popular choice for families. Mid-sized SUV ownership has been trending up in recent years, so the Highlander is expected to continue growing in popularity.

Cadillac DTS

2011-Cadillac-DTSEven though they’re no longer being made, the DTS was a dependable luxury vehicle. No wonder they’re such a popular choice on the used car market. Comfort is best emphasized with the DTS, but it also has a powerful V8 engine for impressive performance. The style of the DTS was so popular, that a modified limo version was used as a Presidential State Car.

Toyota Corolla

2010_toyota_corollaWhile all of the above cars are impressive in terms of popularity, none of them can match the best-selling car in automotive history – the Toyota Corolla, which has sold over 40 million units. Corolla’s success is not likely to slow down anytime soon and will probably remain on top of the charts for years to come.

The car was released in 1966 when Toyota decided to tackle a challenging problem: to create a cost-effective, high quality vehicle that was compact in size. There have been more than ten generations of the Toyota Corolla, but each one has kept with this original philosophy. To keep up with demand, Corollas have been manufactured across the globe, including Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, Venezuela, India, and South Africa.

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