The New Year is a Great Time to Get Finances in Order

2015_glassesYou have done it – survived another year! And while you may or may not have met the financial goals you set for yourself in 2014, you have another chance in 2015. So with only a few days to go, now is the time to make sure your finances are in order. That’s right, make a plan before the new year so you can start day one on the right track.

There are many tricks and tips to help you budget your money and make sure you are spending only what you should be spending. But, before you get into all of those options, take a step back and think for a moment. What do you want to accomplish in 2015? How much do you want to save? What major purchases are you planning on making? Figure out all of these goals now. Sure, things will come up along the way and cause expenses you didn’t plan for, but actually, you can plan for unexpected events in your plan.

“Goals need to be set before they can be accomplished!”

And having a plan is step one in getting your finances in order, according to The Money Advice Service UK.

Establish goals and limits for yourself, including savings, monthly utility costs and other anticipated expenses. Write out your calendar for every month, and after each month reassess your strategy and progress. It is easier to do this at the beginning of the year rather than the middle. Start your plan now, so you can begin accomplishing it on January 1.

After your goals are set, go into 2015 with moderation. According to Forbes, moderation does not mean elimination. Cutting treats out of your budget plan is ridiculous and, frankly, impossible. We all need a treat now and then, whether it is a Starbucks latte or an IMAX movie. Make sure to give yourself some, but don’t go overboard. Treat yourself when you deserve it, or when you don’t, but make sure it is in keeping with your allotted finances.

You can’t reach goals you don’t set.

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