Independent Car Dealerships: Why Little Dealerships Doesn’t Always Mean Big Savings

Every town or city has at least one independent or single-family car dealership.

Though some have been around for years, many others come and go over time. So, why are people entrusting unreliable independent dealerships with long-term purchase commitments? There’s not a straightforward answer, but we’ll start by taking a look at some of the main beliefs car buyers have about independent  dealerships.

Assumptions about Independent Car Dealerships

To be clear, independent car dealerships are those owned by a single family, person or small group. Generally, these dealerships only have one or two locations and a very small team of employees. Car buyers incorrectly assume that these dealerships are less expensive, offer better promotions or are friendlier to work with. While this may be the case with some companies, it’s certainly the exception to the rule. At the end of the day, single-family dealerships want to sell their inventory just as much (and perhaps more) than nationwide dealerships.

Nationwide Dealerships Offer Multiple Benefits

Choosing a nationwide dealership has multiple benefits including reliability, experience, and unrivaled customer support. Let’s explore a few reasons smart shoppers choose to purchase a vehicle from trusted nationwide dealerships.

  • Financially Stable – Nationally recognized car dealerships, like DriveTime, have a proven record of financial stability and reliability. Chances are, if you purchase a car, you’re making a commitment that will last years. By choosing an independent  dealership, you can never be sure if they’ll be around in a few years to address concerns you might have about your vehicle. On the other hand, established nationwide dealerships will be around long after you’ve paid off your vehicle.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – Unlike independent dealerships, DriveTime and other nationwide dealerships offer customers ongoing support any time of the day or night. Whether you have a concern about making a payment, getting your car serviced or adding a custom feature, the customer support teams at nationwide dealerships are always available to provide assistance.
  • Extended Warranties – When purchasing a car from a nationwide dealership, you have the freedom to upgrade and extend your warranty or purchase a vehicle service agreement. Many independent dealerships have not forged the relationships necessary to offer customers this service. Generally, warranties offered from smaller dealerships are basic and shorter in duration.
  • Expert Inspection – Nationwide dealerships tend to be more selective when hiring mechanics as larger dealerships value exceeding quality and safety standards. This means that highly trained mechanics thoroughly inspected each used vehicle before it was listed for sale. Independent  dealerships tend to be more lenient when hiring experienced mechanics, leaving the burden of inspection to the customer.
  • Flexibility – Buying a car from DriveTime or another nationwide dealership ensures car buyers long-term flexibility. Do you plan to move across the country in a few years? Are you going off to college? If you purchase a vehicle from a nationwide dealership, you can be sure there will be one near your destination in case you need it. Since independent dealerships are not nationwide, you’ll be on your own to find a new mechanic and dealership.

What type of dealership is your preference to shop or buy from?

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