#DTRoadTrip: Fun Times in Delanco

This week we hopped in our DriveTime van and took off on a 12-week summer road trip across the country. Our first stop on our journey was Delanco, New Jersey. Delanco is a township bordering Pennsylvania and it’s central to a ton of awesome attractions. But before we could go check out New Jersey’s famous beaches or hop over the river to Philly, we had to stop and check in on our hard working employees at the Delanco Inspection Center.

Meet the Team

The technicians and skilled laborers at DriveTime’s inspection centers are the beating heart of our company. They keep our dealerships loaded with a steady supply of inspected vehicles. Without them, we wouldn’t have any cars to sell!

After we buy a car at auction, it is delivered to one of DriveTime’s 27 inspection centers. Our expert technicians examine the vehicle several times over to make sure it’s ready for the road.

dtroadtrip delanco ic

Our Delanco staff looking like they’re about to drop the hottest album of 2017.

The Delanco IC is not your average auto shop. Approximately 158 technicians work together in one massive facility that inspects thousands of vehicles a year. The rate that DriveTime is buying and selling cars means their work days are intense, which is why the team scheduled time to relax with a back lot barbecue, complete with inflatable obstacle course. dtroadtrip delanco inflatable

“I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. I like the environment in Delanco. It’s not like any other job I have had. It’s fast-paced and challenging,” said Mike Williams, one of our technicians, “There is a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in Delanco that shows the vision of the company now and in the future.”

Time for some fun!

When they’re not at work, the Delanco staff enjoys the famous Jersey Shore, and hopping over the river to attend Phillies, Eagles and 76ers games in Philadelphia.

dtroadtrip delanco jersey shore dtroadtrip delanco phillies dtroadtrip delanco stadium

When in Philly, there are two things you absolutely have to do: eat a cheese steak, and visit the Rocky statue. Doing both at the same time makes you spontaneously strike a victory stance, just like the statue.

dtroadtrip delanco rocky

Do you know Delanco or Philly? What did we miss?

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See you on the road!

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