#DTRoadTrip: The Old West of Albuquerque

Albuquerque is where the Old West meets modern America. It’s an exciting place to explore, because you could turn the corner and step into another time. We were just leaving Walgreens when we looked up and right there was San Felipe de Neri, one of the oldest buildings in North America!


It may not be the biggest city we’ve stopped at on our #DTRoadTrip, but Albuquerque is big on culture. Before we could go on exploring the remnants of the Old West, we had to make a stop at each of our DriveTime dealerships in Albuquerque.

Meet the Teams!

Albuquerque is home to not one, but two DriveTime dealerships and some of our favorite people! Our Alameda and Wyoming boulevard dealerships are on the frontier of DriveTime’s westward expansion. Their jobs are tough, but it doesn’t keep them from greeting their customers with a smile and giving them the complete DriveTime experience.

Eric Carson (left) opened New Mexico’s first dealership on Alameda Blvd over six years ago. Christopher Baker (right) and his team are newer to the scene, but they have made a strong impression in the short time they’ve been open on Wyoming Blvd.

Both of these dealerships have pioneered DriveTime’s unique car buying experience. Together, they are showing New Mexico how buying a used car should be.


Time for Some Fun!

The adventures continued as we explored Old Town. There are shops, cafes and restaurants housed in the ancient, adobe buildings. The style and aesthetic of the western towns of old is preserved here so New Mexicans never lose their cultural identity.


The city of Albuquerque could be a monument to the idea of accepting the future without losing site of the past. The city is modern and constantly growing, but its connection to history and the land is never lost.

The importance of staying in touch with the land was driven home on our visit to the Albuquerque Biological Park. This beautifully maintained park is a favorite stop for visitors. Within the park is a zoo, aquarium, botanical garden and a lake. We didn’t have time to see it all, but even strolling along the walking paths connecting the park gave us enough to admire.


We ate at Farm & Table to complete our experience of connecting with Albuquerque’s history and landscape. Farm & Table is a local restaurant that sources their ingredients from the surrounding farms. From fruits and vegetables, to meat and honey, the food is literally farm to table…and it is literally delicious! The menu changes with the seasons, so there is always something new to try. And not only did it taste great, but it made us feel great! Eating locally grown food, it almost made us feel like locals ourselves.

We wish we didn’t have to leave so soon. We’re sure there is so much more we could’ve done in Albuquerque. What did we miss? Please tell us in the comments.

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See you on the road!

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