DriveTime Gift-Away Approve-A-Thon ExtravaganzaFest

The DriveTime Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest – Ended 1/31/2016

We’re helping you #GetApproved this holiday season for what you were turned down for in the past!

Tell us what you missed out on, such as getting approved for a home loan or getting a pony for Christmas (nothing’s too big or too small!), and you could be selected as one of 25 winners to receive a $100 VISA gift card to help fund your approval.

By entering our Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest, 10 lucky winners will be selected for the grand prize –  a $500 VISA gift card!

Click “continue reading” to enter the sweepstakes!

For official sweepstakes terms and conditions, click here.

DriveTime’s Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest


Still have some questions? Read our FAQs!

Q: How do I enter?
A: Tell us what you were turned down for by selecting from the drop down menu or by typing it out in the space provided above.

Q: What do I need to be eligible to win?
A: You must meet the following criteria to be selected as a winner:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must be a resident of one of the following 26 U.S. states: AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MS, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX and VA.
  • You must have a valid email address
  • Please read our official terms and conditions for additional rules of entry here.

Q: What am I entered to win?
A: By entering the DriveTime Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest, you are eligible to be selected to receive one of 25 $100 VISA gift cards and/or one of 10 grand prize $500 VISA gift cards!

Q: When will winners be selected?
Five $100 VISA gift card winners will be selected every week and 10 grand prize winners of $500 VISA gift cards will be selected Monday February 8, 2016.


Congratulations to Our Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest Winners!

$100 Gift Card Winners:

Week One: 

Tommy S. from Jonesborough, Tennessee
Jessica M. from Maumee, Ohio
Nicole V. from Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Edward B. from Gilbert, Arizona
Catherine F. from Aurora, Illinois

Week Two: 

Michele S. from Woodstock, Illinois
Laura W. from Los Angeles, California
Christian G. from Trenton, Florida
Audrey G. from Apex, North Carolina
Paul P. from Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Week Three:

Brittany W. from Hubert, North Carolina
Kathy C. from Buffalo Grove , Illinois
Leslie T. from San Gabriel, California
Kelly K. from Muskogee, Oklahoma
Heather C. from Tullahoma, Tennessee

Week Four: 

Bill D. from Orlando, Florida
Yukti J. from Olathe, Kansas
Kathleen S. from Tennessee
Chandrea H. from Angier, North Carolina
Hallie B. from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Week Five: 

Amy H. from Greenville, Illinois
Caroline S. from Oak Lawn, Illinois
Charlene D. from Alice, Texas
Patti N. from Savannah, Georgia
Rachel T. from Rustburg, Virginia

Grand Prize Winners:  

Chris N. from California
Penni S. from California
Sonia P. from Georgia
Justine M. from Missouri
Meagan N. from South Carolina
Vanessa S. from Missouri
Nicole V. from Pennsylvania
Latasha F. from Texas
Mary F. from Virginia
Susan C. from Alabama


  1. Lynda Perry   •  

    Was years ago but I was turned down for a job promotion as I had years of experience but not a college degree. I got over it and went to college.

  2. Crystal Rogers Walker   •  

    I was turned down for a car loan

  3. matt daudelin   •  

    i need this!!

  4. Tony Tannahill   •  

    🙂 Would Love to win 🙂

  5. sharon shafran   •  

    what a great giveaway I am very excited

  6. christine   •  

    I missed out on a Playstation 4.

  7. LARRY Prosper   •  


  8. Penny Milton   •  

    love Drive Time they made it possible for my family get approved for a car. They even helped you with the extras that are needed to be able to drive the car.

    We would use them again when it is time for us to get another car.

  9. maryzell roberts   •  

    Thank you for this offer.

  10. Howell Cohen   •  

    A stainless steal beer fermentor.

  11. Stefanie Zucker   •  

    patent was denied…could not afford to take it to superior court

  12. Deborah Jackson   •  

    It would be nice to win, DriveTime’s Gift-Away-Approve-A-Thon-Extravaganza-Fest.

  13. ROBIN GREER   •  


  14. james dale nabors   •  

    This would be great ! Just need a lender to work with me.

  15. kelly volk   •  

    want to win

  16. Patricia Kline   •  

    I did not get the new kitchen and other repairs to my house that I really really need done. Just not enough cash and a loan is not an option.

  17. leon shelkoff   •  


  18. Philip Vickery   •  

    Please pick me. Thanks

  19. Jeanne Taibbi   •  

    Had surgery on hip,having some complications
    Unable to do much of anything
    Cannot work.Gave a job due to not able to walk
    Sure could use money to help pay bills.Thank -You.

  20. Helene Cameron   •  

    Couldn’t get a mortgage cause I am retired

  21. michael Dartt   •  

    call me when I win.

  22. sandy   •  

    thank you for giving us all a chance to win! Happy Holidays 🙂

  23. Dawn Powers   •  

    This is not what I missed out on but what my husband has. In the past 3 years he has missed out on having fun or relaxing on his vaction days because he has used them to be by my side during numerous surgeries, being by my side in the hospital and taking care of me when i get home. I t has been so hard on him watching me go through all of this. He deserves so much. I could tell you alot more about how much he gives up. He is a wonderful Husband and Father.

    Thank You,
    Dawn Powers

  24. Debbie C   •  

    Awesome post and I tried. This would be great if I win. I know exactly what I would do with it. I would save this towards my kidney transplant.

  25. JENNY KERSHNER   •  

    I missed out on a vacation.

  26. jeri dickinson   •  

    would love to win this contest thanks for the chance

  27. Judy   •  

    I am missing out on enjoying the holiday season with my family and friends. I was laid off from my job unexpectedly in June of 2015. I finally found a job in December but it requires me to move 250 miles away from where I live now and I will be staring my new job 1/4/16 so I have been so busy trying to find a place to live and packing to move that I have not been able to enjoy the holiday season with everyone.

  28. Michelle   •  


  29. john harvey   •  

    I am out of work..this would really help out! Merry Christmas to all there! 🙂

  30. robert andersch   •  

    Turned down for a raise—-bummer!

  31. Christina Browder   •  


  32. Rhona Franklin   •  

    good contest

  33. Melanae   •  

    Would love to win!

  34. Danny Griffin   •  

    Being with friends for Christmas.

  35. Sandra Gulliver   •  

    I was turned down for a Sears credit card when I 19 years old.

  36. Kathy Scott   •  

    Thanks for having the sweepstakes.

  37. sandi mojzuk   •  

    I have wanted a pony for 75 years.. Have asked Santa every year..YES every year and I still do not have a pony… I even tell my 96 year old mom, but she still says NO!!!!

  38. Andrew Lazar   •  

    Turned down by many ladies in my past.

  39. Linda   •  

    Always an independent contractor

  40. Laurie Timmons   •  

    Good things come to those that wait 🙂

  41. Rhona Franklin   •  

    a job promotion

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Rhona, be sure to apply to sweepstakes for your chance to win!

  42. Jennifer   •  

    i would love to to win this 500 gift card

  43. Jannah Cowan   •  

    Would love to win got laid off week before Christmas so kids had to go w out.would really help

  44. Rodney   •  

    I would love this $500 Gift Card!

  45. margie   •  

    Thanks for this sweepstakes.

  46. Joyce Margo   •  

    Count me in to win…….In it 2 win it!!!!

  47. lynne foster   •  

    I want to win

  48. Cheryl DeGroot   •  

    A $500 gift card would be an awesome win!!

  49. Martha Ervin   •  

    I would be soo excited it I won a $500 Gift Card!!

  50. keith cornell   •  

    it would be great to win this prize…life is good

  51. Shirley Sego   •  

    Hope to be a winner of any of the gift cards being given I really could use and appreciate the chance. Thank you.

  52. Alesia Williams   •  

    I missed out seeing my parents and my 2 sisters for the holidays due to financial stress.Right now living in a hotel and dealing with other expenses to take care of but just having faith to get through each passing day. My family can surely use the $500 gift card.

  53. Colleen Camp   •  

    I was turned down for a promotion even though I had years more experience than a man that had started just weeks before.

  54. Karen   •  

    I was turned down for a car loan when I was younger because I didn’t have any credit 🙁

  55. Robin   •  

    Just wanted to say Thanks! for the chance!

  56. Shirley Peterson   •  

    I was turned down by my ex husband after 43 years of marriage for a younger version.I would love the $500 Visa Card which would help restore my faith in humanity.

  57. Brenda Owens   •  

    Would love to win and buy my grandbaby something nice.

  58. jeri dickinson   •  

    I could use this

  59. michelle taylor   •  

    love your commercials they are soooo funny!

  60. JASON   •  

    I missed out on giving my kids a better Christmas.

  61. John Murphy   •  

    Santa turned me down for new clubs!

  62. deb craven   •  

    if its free its for me

  63. DeBorah Boyd   •  

    Turn down to go on a vacation to see the family. I need a car to #GetApproved.

  64. TAMMI COLEMAN   •  

    amber in gainesville was just perfect, she busted her butt to get us what we wanted, she did great, thanks a bnch

  65. Marla Jones   •  

    I need to #GetApproved for a vacation and a 500 dollar visa sure would help ty

  66. Robyn Donnelly   •  

    I have been turned down for many things including loans, credit cards, etc.

  67. Birdiebee   •  

    I was turned down for a home loan last year.

  68. Nupur   •  

    I couldn’t help mom come home for holidays this would be amazing to win and help her to come home and hold my daughter. She hasn’t met her since birth .

  69. Mary Baker   •  

    I entered to win thousands of contests and sweepstakes in 2015 and all but a couple of them I did not win…which means they turned me down to win!

  70. Jill E   •  

    Did not get that new camera I wanted so badly

  71. Rita Spratlen   •  

    I was turned down for a job I really wanted. I was qualified too! it was heartbreaking!

  72. Angela   •  

    I didn’t get to see my gma for Thanksgiving or Christmas…she passed In September 🙁 First holidays are w/out a loved one are always the hardest.

  73. Latycia Guyler   •  

    Drive time was the only car company to help me get a car when I needed. They literally made miricales happened when everything else wasn’t going the way I needed it to go. Yes I had to travel quite a way just to get to drive time . but everything was a blessing when they approved me for a 2014 car. I’m stupid stoked and the employees are truly there for yiuband help you get into a car that same day.. Drive time made it happen..

  74. Jodi Moore-Loers   •  

    I missed out on seeing my parents who live in Texas for the holidays and haven’t been able to get there for 3 years. I just can’t afford the travel expenses from Arizona to east Texas. They are now to health challenged to make it here to Arizona. Winning this would pay for those travel expenses! Thank you.

  75. Kimberly Eudy   •  

    I had 2 surgeries on my right arm right after Christmas.

  76. Dora Martinez   •  

    I missed out on the holidays completely because I was fired in sept. and couldn’t afford to go out. still feeling pretty blue.

  77. curtis gunn   •  

    It would be nice to have some extra money to treat my wife to something great. My wife works so hard, wish I could do more for her.

  78. Leo Blaacklock   •  

    I hope i win

  79. carmen mercado   •  

    i wont tell u i will like 2 win bc it will b a worst of time so the only thing i will say ty if i do

  80. Sayra   •  

    I missed out on having peace and quiet because your collections agents would not stop calling! hahah.

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Hi Sayra – We are very sorry to hear this and will definitely look into this. Can you please send an email to with your account number, the name on your account and a description of your experience?

  81. Willis Killebrew   •  

    I was unable to get my kids anything for Christmas and that broke my heart. Knowing that I am a good provider and was not able to put smiles on my kids face killed me.

  82. Ephraim   •  

    Got turned down for a date! I plan on having the best Valentine’s Day even if I’m still single then though

  83. Judy Nieman   •  

    I was turned down for a job I really wanted.

  84. debbie wilson   •  

    i wanted to get a loan to pay all my credit cards off.the interest is killing me. I was turned down.i was shocked I have good credit a good job why?

  85. C Yarborough   •  

    I was turned down for a personal loan

  86. lester   •  

    got turned down so many time for a car loan its not even funny
    tried 6different places . i even got turned down at a buy here pay here places

  87. jeri dickinson   •  

    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance after my heartbreaking prom

  88. dawn green   •  

    turned down for loan. need a new car for work

  89. Pat Hopper   •  

    I have been turned down for lower rate home loan!

  90. Regina Ice   •  

    I was turned down for a job because I was over qualified.

  91. Erica   •  

    I missed out on getting Christmas gifts for my friends and family.

  92. Nancy Sevier   •  

    I have to tell you that your commercials are the BEST that are on TV. I save everything every night on my DVR then fast forward through the irritating commercials but yours, nOPE, when I see one, I stop and watch it. Those girls are fantastic, funny and I just never get tired of watching them!

    • DriveTime   •     Author

      Hi Nancy – Thank you! We are happy to hear you love Tina and Tara just as much as we do!

  93. Deborah Barmess   •  

    I was denied a new toilet seat by my husband. The finish is coming off the hinges, and it’s driving me crazy, but he said the seat isn’t broken.

  94. Caron Kirk   •  

    I was turned down for a job recently. Really need a job because my husband has had 7 surgeries and is very ill. Thanks for the chance!

  95. Abhi K   •  

    I was turned down for a car loan. I found a best car and saved up some money too. but was turned down. Was just sad

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