DriveTime Shifts to Meet New Consumer Expectations

Changing how we attract web-savvy consumers and streamline the in-dealership car-buying experience

“To meet customer expectations and cut the time it takes to buy a car, dealers need to provide a “connected retail” experience”, said Mike Burgiss, Vice President of digital retailing at Cox Automotive, pictured below.

“That means dealers should provide technology and tools that allow consumers to start their vehicle purchases online and finish it in-store,” Burgiss said. “The whole process is seamless, and convenient and more efficient and more profitable.”

Start purchases online?

The DriveTime experience: Get your down payment online, shop online for vehicles quickly and easily with full vehicle details at your fingertips.


Seamless and efficient in store?

We just rolled out at all of our stores, fewer legal forms and a contracting video with e-signatures to provide complete transparency and put the customer in control of contracting.

We’ve also added 6,000 low mileage, competitively priced vehicles to our inventory. DriveTime is focused on both the “click” (online/mobile) and “brick” (store) experiences of our customers—we are truly connecting retailing.

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