DriveTime Names New CEO

DriveTime, the nation’s second largest used car retailer focused solely on used vehicles, announced the appointment of a new CEO this week.

Mr. Don Reese will join DriveTime as its new CEO beginning in late March.  Mr. Reese will also be appointed to the DriveTime Automotive Group and Bridgecrest Acceptance boards of directors.  Mr. Reese replaces DriveTime’s previous CEO, Mr. Ray Fidel.

“We are very excited and pleased to welcome Don to DriveTime,” stated Ernie Garcia, Chairman. “Don’s considerable leadership and operational experience in new and used auto sales, as well as his background as a CFO, make him an ideal candidate to lead DriveTime at this time. We continue to reinvent our dealership and digital customer experiences and offerings, and expect to begin acquiring new car dealerships beginning in 2018.  I also view him as a very valuable addition to our boards.”

Mr. Reese has over thirty years of experience in new and used auto sales, leadership and finance having spent:

  • 11 years as the COO/CFO for the Maroone Auto Group,
  • 6 years as a Senior Vice President in operations and finance, and covering the Midwest Region, for AutoNation,
  • 15 years with the Gurley Leep Automotive as COO, and
  • Was most recently COO for Sheehy AutoStores

About DriveTime

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, DriveTime is the nation’s second-largest vehicle retailer focused solely on used vehicles.  DriveTime operates over 140 dealerships nationwide with annual sales exceeding 150,000 used vehicles, 1.2 million+ monthly visitors to its website,, and over $2 billion in consumer credit requests each month. DriveTime now provides used vehicles and used vehicle financing to the full range of customers in the market today, including competitively priced, lower mileage used cars.

Transforming the buying and financing of a used vehicle with a fair and transparent experience, DriveTime offerings include used car features on its online inventory; speed of financing including a credit score and the starting down payment in less than two minutes; prices on every used vehicle online and at its dealerships; no-haggle pricing; salaried associates trained to help our customers find the right used vehicle for them; and a five day, no questions asked used vehicle return program.

For more information on DriveTime, please visit


  1. Martha Kelly   •  

    I am trying to reach Averex for some repairs and I cannot get to their web site. What is going on?

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Martha,

      Thank you for reaching out to us here at DriveTime. Here is the website for Aeverex, If for some reason their site may be having difficulties, you can also reach them at (888)781-5649, a team member will be glad to answers any questions or concerns you might have.

      Thank You,
      Jodi-Customer Relations

  2. Jason Mitman   •  

    This has been the utmost unfavorable experience I have ever had in purchasing a car. They DO NOT fully disclose everything when purchasing a car. They DO NOT go over the entire paperwork process with you.

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Jason,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. I want to sincerely apologize if your recent purchasing experience at our dealership left you feeling dissatisfied due to the information that was communicated to you at the time of sale.

      Here at DriveTime, we believe in providing our customers with the utmost transparency in all aspects of their purchase, and it is truly unfortunately that you left feeling otherwise.

      I would like the opportunity to provide detailed perspective on your experience; however, I was not able to determine which aspect of your purchase was not properly communicated based on the information provided in your review. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact my Customer Relations team at (888) 290-0148.


      Jacob – Customer Relations

  3. Clarissa N alexander   •  

    Hello my name is Clarissa Alexander. I came to your establishment today to see if I could find a car with you guys. One thing I look at when coming to a dealership is for a saleman who is trying to find a perfect car to fit my needs. I specified that I want a reliable up-to-date mini suv with low millage. What was brought to me was 5 year old cars that had very high millage. Which is not considered efficient for a single mother with a 3 year old child. At the last minute I was brought a 2017 jeep compass with millage of 61,000. They failed to mention the preapproved quote of 395 down, show me the cost, precentage of interest added, and the monthly payments. They encourage more money down just to complete the application and move on to the next process. Then was told that’s the only jeep they had. I’ve done my research and as you can see there’s plenty other options that fit the description I was looking for at the drivetime on 45 in Houston tx. I spent 2years paying off a car that consistently broke down on me. Making a commitment to purchase a car requires a little honesty and trust that your salesman is going to take car of you. I’m not going to give my hard earn money to an establishment that shows no integrity. Thank you for your time hopefully next time a customer comes in you don’t judge the book by its cover.

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Clarissa,

      Thank you for reaching out to provide your feedback. I am sincerely sorry to hear that you had lost interest in purchasing through our company due to the inventory and approval options presented to you during your recent visit.
      Please know that we try our best to provide each of our customers a variety of approval options when they enter our lot. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that we are sometimes limited by the personal information provided by our customers, as well as the specifications of the vehicle selected.

      Thanks again for leaving your review. If you have any additional questions regarding our approval process, I would encourage you to reach out to the dealership once more.


      Jacob – Customer Relations

  4. Asim Abdullah Bomani   •  

    My name is Asim Bomani. I had the most horrific experience at the DriveTime in Owings Mills MD. I purchased a vehicle as of August 18th. By September 17th, I had the vehicle shut down on me four times. During that period I had to have the vehicle towed; I lost days from work and have had some depression due to lost wages.

    The manager Mr. LJ kept wishing to get the car to the shop. This deceptive method locked me into a contract with a defective vehicle. I had to return the vehicle on September 17th. I was tired of being embarrassed by having my car towed every other week.

    I put new tires on the car that I have to fight to get back. Now I have to fight to get another vehicle and then possibly have to pay for a vehicle that DriveTime was aware was a LEMON.

    Future buyers beware of Owings Mills office. They are fraudulent.

    If you go through this contact Investigative News so that you may curtail the financial games that DriveTime will play.

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Asim,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please accept our deepest apologies for the concerns you have experienced after purchase and if you feel misled regarding the quality of our inventory.

      Please know all our pre-owned vehicles are inspected prior to transporting them to our dealerships in an effort to prevent situations of mechanical concerns. While they do go through an initial inspection, occasionally mechanical malfunctions may occur post-sale. Since we are unable to determine when components will fail, to ease the potential impact on our customers, each of our vehicles includes the initial 30-day/1,500-mile Limited Warranty at no cost. We also offer an optional Vehicle Service Contract at the time of sale for additional peace of mind.

      I apologize again for the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact our Customer Relations department at (888) 290-0148 if you would like to discuss your review further.


      DriveTime Customer Relations

  5. Erica C.   •  

    Dear DriveTime Customer Service,

    Poor customer service, poor product knowledge, poor preparedness, and a complete lack of professionalism describe my experience with your company. Last Thursday, I found a car online at your Columbus, GA location, called the next day and spoke with Adrian W. who identified himself as the manager. I confirmed the vehicle’s availability and was approved for financing. I informed Adrian that I would complete the paperwork and collect the vehicle the following day; he emailed me an appointment confirmation. Hours later I called him with a question and was told he had another car that I would like better, a more expensive car but newer. I declined and was informed that someone was test driving the vehicle I planned to purchase. He stated the person had expressed a previous interest in the vehicle and he was only recently made aware. He then informed me the potential buyer would be in the next day to get the car. That evening, your website listed the vehicle as “reserved”. I feel I was intentionally deceived and immediately suspected bait and switch.

    I found another vehicle at your Augusta, GA location, informed Adrian, who facilitated the new deal with Audrey, at said location. I spoke with Audrey, went over financing, and set up an appointment for Monday, 9/21/20. Upon arrival, I was ushered to salesperson Joseph B. who began to redo the finance application. I explained what had transpired with Adrian and Audrey and after locating my information he asked for another copy of my check stub because he’d have to fax it to the finance office and they couldn’t read the one he printed from my digital file. This was illogical as I emailed him another copy which he then printed, as he would have the one in my file. Joseph printed my pay stub more than once and after being dissatisfied with a copy, he put it in the trash can located immediately in front of the shred receptacle. The statement contained sensitive and identifiable information; I asked him to retrieve it and I kept it.

    When test driving the car, I noticed a slight pull and examined the car more thoroughly afterwards. The car is listed as not having been involved in any accident but prior damage, some camouflaged by shoddy body repair work, negates that assertion. There was also a gouge in the right front tire sidewall which Joseph attributed to a prior plug, Further proof of damage was evidenced by paint transfers on several high profile panels. The vehicle’s steering wheel and other interior hardware were dirty but wiped off rather easily, which caused concern regarding cleanliness during the current pandemic.

    Malcolm, Joseph’s manager came out and acknowledged the damages and said the car would be removed from “rotation”. Despite Joseph’s assistance, I was unable to find another car. There was a Hyundai dealership across the street and because the vehicle in question was a Hyundai, I asked to take it there for inspection and was told I had to buy it first. I asked to take it to their body shop for a paint meter reading and again was denied. I asked if they would discount the price due to the vehicle’s obvious damage and poor body repair and Malcolm told me he would sell me the car for the list price. I reminded him the list price was for a car which had neither been involved in an accident nor presented with such defect; again he declined.

    Malcolm was adamant that there was no way the car had been involved in an accident due to Georgia’s strict title laws but was unable to explain the damages which again, he acknowledged. He also spoke of your company’s stringent inspections. It’s unfathomable such damages would have gone unnoticed, given Malcolm’s inspection defense which causes me to question what Malcolm/ DriveTime really knew about this vehicle.

    Malcolm’s proffer that Georgia title laws prevent wrecked vehicles from having clean accident histories with absolution, Joseph’s telling me the tire defect in the sidewall was due to a plug (despite it being impossible to plug sidewalls), his blatant disregard for my privacy and safety as evidenced by his handling of my personal information, and your company’s disregard for the safety of my child and myself further evidenced by allowing us to test drive the car with a defective tire lends to so many questions about your business practices, voracity of your company, its agents, and its perception and treatment of its customers/ women.

    I implore you to be proactive regarding this vehicle, stock #1030225034. Of paramount concern is the defective tire which if not replaced, is unsafe for driving. Also, disclosure about the damages should be made. The vehicle is still showing as available on your website.

    Please let me hear your thoughts.

    • Customer Relations   •  

      Hello Erica,

      Thanks for reaching out. I want to sincerely apologize if you had felt undervalued as a potential customer due to the desired vehicle concerns detailed in your review and if clear expectations were not, in addition to any dis-respect you were given by a member of our sales team.

      We strive to provide the best in customer service to everyone that takes an interest in our company, and I truly apologize if this didn’t reflect during your visit. Our entire staff’s main goal is to make everyone feel welcome in a professional and comfortable atmosphere. We aim to provide the best in customer service to each and every customer who walks through the doors of our dealership and build that rapport, from the first time you take interest in DriveTime until the sale is complete.

      Please know DriveTime offers a layaway program that allows customers the option to secure their desired vehicle and lock in their sticker price. In order to take advantage of our layaway option, our customers must visit the dealership, agree to contract terms, as well as pay a portion of the required down payment. We strive to provide the most accurate information during your interaction with DriveTime and we truly apologize for any misunderstanding in regards to the specific vehicle.

      We want our customers to feel satisfied in their purchases and to have the prior history of their pre-owned vehicle, which is why at the time of sale, an Experian AutoCheck History Report would be provided as a courtesy. This report provides a history of the vehicle’s use, such as any prior accident records, government or rental use, registration in a storm area, or involvement in a theft. If any of these items were applicable or reported, they would be documented in the vehicle information section of the Experian AutoCheck History Report. Please know that DriveTime is not associated with Experian AutoCheck in any way and has no control over what is and is not reported.

      With that being said, we understand how important first impressions are, and I am sorry to hear that this has caused you to have lost faith in our company. We value your feedback and will be using this where proper training is needed. Should you wish to discuss your review in further detail, please contact my department at (800) 965-8043, and an agent would be glad to assist.


      DriveTime Customer Relations

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