Don’t Miss Out on These 4 “New Car” Perks with Your Used Car

While many used cars will never regain the famous “new car smell” (although you’d be amazed at what car fresheners can smell like these days), there are several other perks to be enjoyed with a used car that make it feel like new.

“New” used cars usually come with fabulous benefits such as potential for financing, complete vehicle protection plans, and loyalty programs for repeat buyers. Drivers can enjoy the new car experience without having to make the same type of financial commitment.

1. Financing for Success

Financing can be the difference between purchasing a used vehicle and walking away empty-handed. The average person simply doesn’t have the resources to purchase a car, whether new or used, in full off the lot. However, it’s equally challenging to find used car dealers willing to provide a decent financing plan. With proper research, it’s possible to locate a used car dealership where employees will help you walk away with the best deal possible.

Be patient, and wait to find a dealer who offers the least interest and best monthly payment options. While it may get challenging to continue waiting to purchase a vehicle, sticking to your priorities is important.

2. Vehicle Protection

From the engine to transmission, from climate control to the drive axles, it’s important to search for a dealership providing complete vehicle protection as a part of the deal. Knowing your car is protected makes an enormous difference when you experience unexpected issues, which unfortunately happen.

3. Loyalty Rewards

Many used car dealerships believe in appreciating customers who stay loyal to them over the years. Typically, a used car lot will have a set down payment on the first car purchased at their dealership, but returning customers can buy vehicles without any type of down payment. This type of reward wins the loyalty of the community, and dealers and drivers alike enjoy the consistency of the partnership.

4. More Perks

Like new car dealerships, many used car lots offer a variety of bonus specials to make the buyers experience a favorable one. With offers like 5-day return guarantees, limited warranties, service programs, GPS devices, and GAP coverage, used car buyers are treated with the same importance as they would when buying a much more expensive new car elsewhere.

Purchasing a used car gives customers the same satisfaction as buying a brand new car with one major difference: the finances are more bearable. Many “new car” perks exist when you work together with a used car dealer to find the right vehicle for the best price.

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