What Dealer Options Should You Buy with a Used Car?

Even when you purchase a used car, there are several dealer options that can be highly beneficial including vehicle protection plans (or extended warranties), GAP insurance, GPS services and more.

At DriveTime, we offer a vehicle protection plan to protect you from unexpected mechanical issues, SkyLINK GPS service to keep your car safe and GAP Insurance to protect your loan.

DriveCare Vehicle Protection Plan 

In order to get rid of some of the worries that inevitably come with buying a used car, DriveTime also offers 5 years or 50,000 miles of vehicle protection known as DriveCare (3 years or 36,000 miles in Florida, New Mexico or Oklahoma).

DriveCare covers all major components of your vehicle, including your engine block, the transmission, climate control, and drive axles, just to name a few. With high quality coverage on all of these components, you can purchase a used car with complete confidence, knowing that even if something goes wrong, you are protected against many of the potential additional costs.


Did you know that a car is stolen in the United States roughly every 28 seconds? If you don’t have a recovery plan in place, you may find that your car is difficult to retrieve if it gets stolen. That’s where SkyLINK comes into play. With SkyLINK, you can track your car around the clock through your computer or mobile device. Thanks to this tracking technology, you can rest assured that even if your vehicle gets stolen or leaves a “geo-fence” you setup, you’ll know exactly where to go to find it.

When you choose to get SkyLINK, access to real-time tracking helps you to easily identify where your car is when it has been stolen. In addition, you can access a log that records every movement of the car and request speed alerts. With such detailed information on the whereabouts of your car, you shouldn’t have any problems working with law enforcement to recover a stolen car.

SkyLINK is effective because it relies on excellent GPS technology that can be used across the nation. With an impressive, wide-ranging coverage area, there are few spots where a car thief could go where you wouldn’t be able to track them with SkyLINK.

Once you’ve signed up for SkyLINK, it is active for the first 36 months that you own your vehicle. With no extra subscription fees to worry about, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is a plan in place to deal with car thieves. DriveTime encourages our customers to take advantage of SkyLINK so that you know exactly where your vehicle is 24/7, 365

GAP Insurance 

GAP stands for “Guaranteed Auto Protection” and is an important add-on to your auto loan. How GAP works is fairly simple.  For example, lets say you financed your vehicle for $15,000 and you get into a car accident (oh no!) and your vehicle is totaled. Your auto insurance provider says your vehicle is only worth $10,000, so that is all they will cover, leaving you with a balance of $5,000 that you are responsible for. GAP wipes away the $5,000, leaving you free and clear of owing anything on the vehicle!

GAP insurance with DriveTime gets even better. Not only will GAP wipe away your financing, we will help you get another vehicle from us with little or no down payment!

Before you purchase a used car, make sure to consider your product options. These extra benefits can make a world of difference and add extra piece of mind and convenience to buying a used car.


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