Smart Tips for a Fun-Filled Fall Road Trip

The end of summer often comes with a change of pace. Students and teachers head back to school, cold-weather wardrobes emerge from the backs of closets and summer gear like camping supplies, beach bags and sunscreen is packed up once again.

Summer is the ideal season for road trips, in part due to long, warm days, low gas prices and favorable road conditions. However, a fall road trip is a popular way to welcome in the new season and give in to wanderlust before winter weather arrives.

Before you head off on your autumnal adventure, it’s important that you are prepared for the open road. Continue reading…

Fall Road Trip Apps

5 Apps That Will Improve Your Fall Road Trip

Autumn is the perfect season for a road trip. Winter’s ice and snow have yet to take over roads, but the summer heat has gone away, leaving the inside of your car an ideal temperature. Fall colors and harvest festivals make excellent destinations for kids and adults alike.

Before you embark on your fall road trip, make sure you’re prepared. Get your car looked over and bring lots of layers for many types of weather. Finally, make sure your phone should has all the apps you need to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Here are five of the best free travel apps out there:

Gas BuddyGas Buddy Logo began in 2000 as a way for people to compare gas prices to find the best deal. Now, they have an app that helps road trippers find gas stations and save money when their tank is nearing empty. GasBuddy has mapped out every gas station in North America, according to TimeOut. Find the closest gas stations to you with the map, then tap on your choice to get directions to it. Users submit the most recent gas prices, which are displayed on the map. By submitting a gas price, people are rewarded points, which can be exchanged for prizes, Time reported. Continue reading…

4 Easy Summer Road Trip Hacks

Bring only what you need on your road trip.

Summer is the season for road trips. There are few things as fun as piling your friends or family members (you get along with) into your car, rolling down the windows, putting on your favorite tunes and heading toward a destination, or several. Anything feels possible when a road trip is underway, but only if you do it right.

While a road trip is the ultimate in summer getaways, because it allows you to do pretty much anything, it can also be a pain if you haven’t planned accordingly. And by planning, this doesn’t mean keeping a rigid schedule of destinations, but making sure you accurately prepared your vehicle.

When hitting the open road this summer, keep these tricks and tips in mind, as they could make your road trip much better. Continue reading…

Heat Up Your Winter: Romantic Road Trip

Road trip in the winter? Definitely!

Road trip in the winter? Definitely!

In addition to the cold, winter brings with it a whole bunch of fun activities such as sledding, skiing, snowball throwing, snowman building and other spectacular snow stuff that starts with “S.” But let the kids have it. This winter, get away and do something different with your loved one. And there are few things as romantic as heating up those chills with a winter road trip.

Remember the mix tapes you used to crank in the car? The games you used to invent on the highway? How you used to not mind sharing a sleeping bag? Do it all over again. And then do more. Pick a spot you’ve never been to before and cruise. If you don’t know of any cool places, or don’t know where to look, then you came to the right place. Check out some of the great routes for romantic winter road trips right here. And if you are thinking, “I don’t live near any of these places,” then you are maybe missing the point of a road trip.

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Road Trip Planner: ’90s Music Jams Playlist

Planning to hit the road for the holiday season? You’re not alone. According to AAA, more than 25 percent of Americans ditched air travel for the highway in 2012. And the roads continue to fill up each November and December.

If you’re preparing to head out in the next few weeks, packing your bags and punching the destination into your GPS is the easy part. Coming up with the perfect playlist that will keep you entertained through those less-scenic stretches is the difficult part.

And technology doesn’t make it any better – there are far too many songs to choose from, and, with your busy schedule, you simply don’t have time to compile the perfect list.

No worries. We’ve got you covered: 1990s edition (make sure to subscribe to our Spotify playlist at the bottom!).

1. Janet Jackson: Escapade

Remember your first crush? This song will bring back memories of the moment he caught your eye. He was looking fly, and you couldn’t wait to rescue him from the worries of the world and show him a good time. Continue reading…