6 Reasons You Deserve the Pickup Truck of Your Dreams

Pickup trucks are quintessentially American. They are our pride and joy, and millions own them and are obsessed with their capabilities.

They aren’t solely geared toward outdoorsmen who like to embrace nature, either. Career professionals from the inner city are also intrigued. Besides, if you work hard, don’t you deserve to play harder?

Here are five reasons you deserve the pickup of your dreams.

This post is contributed by Allison Martin, personal finance writer and contributor on Yahoo! Finance and BadCredit.org.

1. You Can Go on Weekend Adventures

Looks can be deceiving, so don’t let the appearance of a pickup fool you. The more recent models have polished interiors with the same toughness and power you need to take on the rugged campgrounds, snowy mountains or any rough terrain you encounter on your excursions. In essence, you’ll be granted an all-access pass to the places you can’t go in a car without fear of a heavy rain shower or snow storm ruining your plans.

2. You Can Tow

Planning to take the boat out for a weekend of fishing with the boys? No problem. Just hitch it to the back of the bed of the truck and you’re all set.
How about a weekend move? Skip the moving truck and connect a trailer to your pick up. There’s no need to worry about overloading; most models are equipped to tow well over 2,000 pounds, explains About Autos.

3. It’s the Ultimate Chick Magnet

Pickup trucks are a definite head turner. Single or married, a man emerging from the driver’s seat of a pickup commands more attention than the driver of a minivan or standard four-passenger vehicle. And, its sleek interior is sure to earn you extra cool points when chauffeuring a hot date.

4. It’s Reliable

Manufactured to withstand impact and handle off-road excursions, pickup trucks are equipped with the same safety features as cars. In addition, they are comprised of durable, tested metal and boxed style frames that offer an added layer of protection in the unfortunate event you are involved in an automobile accident, notes The Car Connection.

And since they sit up high in the air, you may be able to drive away with just a few exterior scratches. You can’t necessarily say the same for a compact sports car. Simply put, it’s the ultimate road warrior.

5. You Can Haul Anything

Toolbox anyone? Beyond basic storage capabilities, pickups also are perfect for hauling gardening tools, mulch, appliances, plants for landscaping and so on. In addition, you can haul all the supplies required for the optimal tailgating experience or a fun-filled day at the park, beach or campground. Load up the bed with bicycles, football gear or camping accessories and you’re ready to roll.

And, no matter how dirty it gets, the hauling bed is simple to clean; a water hose and sprayer will do the trick. Plus, pickups are much easier to unload than the typical cargo van.

6. It’s a Family Car

When the time comes to expand your family, the extended cab will be spacious enough to transport your children and your significant other to the grocery store, youth football game or an extended road trip. So, skip the minivan and go for your dream ride.

What’s not to love about a pickup truck? Once you locate one that best suits your needs, its versatility, smooth ride and visual appeal will leave you pondering why you didn’t purchase a pickup sooner.

What’s your pickup truck of choice? Tell us in the comments.


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