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Top Car Budget Tips for Retirees

Budgeting for retirement isn’t always easy. Before you leave the office for the last time, you are supported by an active income that you can rely on. But after you have left the workforce, you will have to budget your savings, Social Security income and any investments and pension plans you have. Perhaps your current lifestyle can be supported by your income streams in retirement, but oftentimes, this isn’t the case. Continue reading…


Driving Tips to Save Gas This Summer

Though gas prices are higher during the summer, more people are hitting the road during the warmer season. Longer days, more sunshine and fewer responsibilities for those still in school make for the perfect time to take a long road trip, or just frequent visits to the beach or pool.

The gasoline you put in your car has certain additives that will help the fuel burn cleaner and reduce the amount of oil necessary to create gasoline. The additives used differ depending on the season, and summer’s additives are usually a bit more expensive. This is because refineries have to shut down production before they begin processing the new additives, and because summertime’s gas blend is designed to give off fewer pollutants and less smog. Continue reading…


Money and Mechanics: How to Save Big on Car Care

Every car owner knows that regular maintenance is key to keeping a vehicle running smoothly for many years. Unfortunately, maintenance work has a reputation for adding up in price quickly, costing you a pretty penny. On the bright side, there are ways drivers can save money on car care, simply by knowing a little bit more about what their car actually needs to stay healthy. Continue reading…

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Top SUVs for Summertime Trips

We all like to save money on road trips, however we can; especially less stops at the pump. It would make sense that for long hauls smaller, more efficient cars are the right pick. But sometimes you need to pile in a large family and stacks and stacks of luggage. If you’re totally against a minivan, a great option is an SUV.

If you want to go off-roading this summer, an SUV has the ability to carry you and your friends over the roughest roads and trails without fear of getting stuck.

Also, they are roomy. SUVs provide enough space for you and your friends to pack your camping gear, tent and all, into the vehicle before you take off on your summer vacation. Continue reading…

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Driving in Cars with Pets: How to Safely Roadtrip with Your Furry Friends

We all now that summer is the perfect time to take a road trip. Hitting the open road with your closest friends is a great time, but what about man’s best friend? Your dog may be one of your favorite companions, and many people love taking Fido or Spot out for a drive. But taking your pet along isn’t as simple as beckoning it into the backseat with a treat. There are some safety precautions every pet-loving road-tripper should keep in mind. Continue reading…