Stay away from all busyness for a whole day.

Do Yourself a Favor: Take a Day and Don’t Drive Anywhere

Image via Crafthubs

Image via Crafthubs

As the busy-ness of the holiday season continues its upward slope, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the stress and hype of it all. It is no secret that everyone flaunts how much they have to do during the holidays. Well, let ‘em flaunt. No doubt many of these functions or tasks are great fun and involve friends and family, you can’t forget to tend to yourself.

Pick a day this holiday season and don’t drive anywhere. Don’t rush, don’t wait in traffic, don’t honk your horn or do anything else that you need a car to do. Instead, relax and put your feet up at home. Find a good book, watch a marathon or just spend time talking with your family. You will find yourself surprised at what a good bit of relaxing will do for you.

Saving even a small bit of money is advantageous

Many people complain about gas prices. But, think about this, if you don’t drive, you don’t spend money on gas! Continue reading…


Deck the Cars: 10 Unbelievable Holiday Car Decorations

Decorating your house can really get you into the holiday spirit, but decorating your car takes it to a whole new level. So, as you get ready for the holidays this year, don’t forget your car when putting up lights and decorations. If you need some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most unusual holiday car decorations.

1. Mobile Christmas Tree

Image via Clipzine.

Image via Clipzine.

Don’t leave your beautiful tree inside for only you to enjoy. Take it on the road for everyone to admire! Continue reading…


Should You Buy Someone a Used Car for Christmas?

Image via AutoGuide.

Image via AutoGuide.

The holiday season has arrived, and it’s time to decorate the tree, make travel arrangements and purchase gifts for loved ones. You’ve made your list and checked it twice, and someone on your list desperately needs a set of new wheels. The luxury cars on Christmas commercials may be out of reach, but a used vehicle is within reason.

If you’re not completely convinced, here’s why your investment may be worthwhile:

The Credit Newbie

You may have some reservations if your recipient falls into this category, but here’s something to consider: everyone starts at the bottom of the FICO spectrum and works their way up. Simply put, a poor credit score can prevent many people from buying a car because it usually requires a large down payment and comes with an exorbitant interest rate. Continue reading…


Get Inspired: Holiday Lights Videos

For some people, the holidays represent a stressful and demanding time of the year. With all of the family get-togethers, special events and high expectations, it’s easy to see why. Still, some aspects of the holiday are nothing but fun, and watching competitive neighbors try to outdo one another is one of those occasions.

If you’re stressed out by the holidays and need some cheering up, check out these amazing light displays:

Christmas—Gangnam Style

Tired of traditional holiday light displays, this family made it a point to change things up. It almost makes you want to get out there and do that silly dance, doesn’t it? Continue reading…

Xmas Tree on Car

How To Transport Your Christmas Tree

Image via Wiki Commons.

Image via Wiki Commons.

Most people think of adulthood as what happens once you graduate from school, start a “real” job and take responsibility for your own bills. But there’s more to adulthood than sitting in a cubicle, making boring decisions and balancing your checkbook. After all, being an adult means getting to do fun stuff, too. Now that it’s the holiday season, you have the control to make all of your holiday decisions, and that includes getting your very own, live Christmas tree. Awesome.

But, there’s just one problem. How do you transport a Christmas tree? Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Here are just a few steps to follow:

1. Take Measurements

Before you go anywhere or do anything, you need to figure out what size your tree should be. First, measure the height of the room where you plan to set up your tree. Then, measure the width of the area (Christmas trees can be deceivingly wide). You also need to measure the roof area of your car or the bed or your truck to make sure you can haul your perfect tree home. Continue reading…