#DTRoadTrip: Good Times in Gallatin

Country music pairs well with a long drive. It’s like that type of music was made for the road. As we made our way across the great state of Tennessee, we listened to these classic Nashville anthems:

Nashville Without You – Tim McGraw

Sundown in Nashville – Marty Stuart

Nashville Cats – The Lovin’ Spoonful

Down on Music Row – Dolly Parton

Nashville Bum – Waylon Jennings

We pulled into Nashville, our ears ringing with those old, country tunes. We made it to our fourth stop of the #DTRoadTrip, and our mission was twofold: to hear some live country music, and eat some of that famous Southern cooking.

We figured we’d ask the locals for their suggestions on where to catch a show and try some local cuisine, so we dropped in on our friends at the Gallatin DriveTime dealership.

Meet the Team

#DTRoadTrip Gallatin Team

The Gallatin DriveTime feels like home, because they treat everyone like family. But their Southern hospitality extends far beyond their sales lot. One of their customers, Bobby Parker, bought a car from them years ago, but still stops by frequently to visit.

“He works at Skyline Medical Center and has referred a number of people to our dealership, many of whom have purchased with us,” said David Rawls, Senior Sales Advisor, “He will even interact with customers when he visits. He helped to showcase a car once just for the fun of it!”

We didn’t get a chance to meet Bobby, but the fact that he feels so welcome at their dealership speaks volumes about the Gallatin DriveTime staff. You do us proud Gallatin!

Food and Fun

#DTRoadTrip Hattie B's

The Gallatin team had so many suggestions for places to eat! We think a shorter list would be where not to eat in Nashville. Some of their suggestions included:

Pancake Pantry- For breakfast, and celebrity sightings.

Prince’s Chicken- For a casual lunch.

Hattie B’s- Home of Nashville’s Hot Chicken!

Kayne Prime- For fine dining.

The list went on and on. It was impossible to choose. So, we settled on Hattie B’s, and headed on down to Broadway to catch a honest-to-goodness, Nashville country jam.

dtroadtrip gallatin

Lower Broadway is home to historic music venues like Tootsie’s Bar, Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. To gain a true appreciation for those historic stages, we had to brush up on our country music history at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The artists of Nashville have inspired most of the music we enjoy, so we paid our tribute by dropping in on several shows across the various venues on Music Row.

The local music scene in Nashville was amazing! The food was delicious! We only wish we had more time. What did we miss? Tell us in the comments so we can plan ahead for next time.

Be sure to follow DriveTime on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where we’ll be next week, and leave us suggestions for things to do and places to go.

See you on the road!


#DTRoadTrip: Living the Clearwater Life

Clearwater Travel Checklist

Sunscreen? Check.

Flip-flops? Check.

Aloe vera, for the inevitable sunburn? Double check.

Clever t-shirt that says: “How to get a beach body: Step One, go to the beach. Step Two…done.”? You better believe it.

Looks like everything is in order. Let’s head on down to Clearwater, Florida to check in on our inspection center team and hopefully catch some rays and gnarly waves. #DTRoadTrip!

Meet the Team

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dtroadtrip charlotte feature

#DTRoadTrip: Thrill Seeking in Charlotte

Our second stop on the #DTRoadTrip was Charlotte, North Carolina. We discovered on our drive to North Carolina that many great artists have written songs about the state, so naturally we had to listen to them all on repeat.

Carolina – Harry Styles

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker

Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor

Raise Up – Petey Pablo

Carolina Sunset – The Marshall Tucker Band

We arrived in Charlotte with high spirits and hoarse voices from all our singing. We worried for a minute that listening to songs about North Carolina for 10 hours straight might have set our expectations a little too high, but it was clear as soon as we crossed the border that this is a special place. Continue reading…


#DTRoadTrip: Fun Times in Delanco

This week we hopped in our DriveTime van and took off on a 12-week summer road trip across the country. Our first stop on our journey was Delanco, New Jersey. Delanco is a township bordering Pennsylvania and it’s central to a ton of awesome attractions. But before we could go check out New Jersey’s famous beaches or hop over the river to Philly, we had to stop and check in on our hard working employees at the Delanco Inspection Center.

Meet the Team

The technicians and skilled laborers at DriveTime’s inspection centers are the beating heart of our company. They keep our dealerships loaded with a steady supply of inspected vehicles. Without them, we wouldn’t have any cars to sell! Continue reading…