How to: Create a Job Hunting Budget

Have a budget ready do you can take the path with comfort.

Have a budget ready so you can take the path with comfort.

That old phrase “It takes money to make money” is, unfortunately, true. This doesn’t mean you are going to go broke trying to find a job, but it does mean that you need to be prepared. Job hunting takes time and effort, and you have to eat and live while doing so.

Additionally, even when you land an interview, there are going to be costs included, such as transportation to and from the interview, whatever it costs to make resume copies, having your suit dry cleaned and whatever other expenses you will certainly come across. Be ready by having your budget established.

You certainly have been in situations when you were looking for a job, either because you were tired of where you worked, you moved, or a company you worked was having financial difficulties of its own and had to let some employees go. All these reasons are common and can put you in a situation in which you have to turn back to the job postings and put effort into polishing up your resume.

This costs you time and energy. Naturally, it would be easier to sleep or enjoy your recent freedom, if only for a few days. Instead, you need to organize your funds.
Consider the costs of a job hunt and start writing them down. If you don’t have a budget for this purpose already put together, it is time you start taking the proper steps in that direction. Continue reading…


Resume Refresh Part 1: Buzzwords

Have confidence in your resume by arming it with the right words.

Arm your resume with the right words.

As spring takes hold, it might be time to dust off the resume and freshen it up. While you certainly have put a great deal of work into making your resume look professional, it can always use a little lift. Now is the time for that boost!

Take charge this spring and have a resume that you can feel confident handing over to employers and human resource personnel. Demonstrate you are the right person for the job by having a resume that stands above the rest. You don’t just want to be included in the shortlist of resumes, you want your resume to be put on top.

And while you may think resumes are all about experience, there is a bit more goes on into making yours stand out from the rest. Buzzwords are key to a strong resume. By incorporating the right buzzwords, you can trigger responses from employers. Additionally, having the right buzzwords in place will allow your statements to be shorter and your resume to have a less-cluttered appearance.

For some advice on buzzwords to use and those to steer clear of, check out the lists below:

Buzzwords to use

While certain words will certainly help boost your resume, overusing them will do the opposite, noted Business Insider. When incorporating buzzwords, don’t use the same ones over and over, or alternate between only a couple. Continue reading…


Get Rid of Your Worst Spending Habits

Via HotOffTheRunway.

Via HotOffTheRunway.

As a human being, you have naturally developed habits. While some of these habits are good for you, other habits can get you into trouble, like spending money too often when you should be saving it for your or your family’s future.

But these bad spending habits don’t always have to come in an extreme form (like gambling or going out to eat every night for dinner) In fact, sometimes the worst spending habits are the little ones that you do so often you don’t even consider them a habit any longer, just a way of life. You tell yourself, “But, that’s what I do,” and that redundancy can be your biggest enemy.

Whether this means you are buying a cup of coffee every morning or hitting up the office vending machine every day after lunch, these are the habits that not only constantly work against you, but are also the hardest to break. Continue reading…

how to create a simple budget

How to: Create a Simple Monthly Budget

When it comes to budgeting, you just have to do it.

When it comes to budgeting, you just have to do it.

You know the importance of having a budget in place. You’ve been hearing it your entire life. You see it on signs and commercials, and learned about it from your parents and classrooms. Now, you are reading it again here. So are you ready? Have you decided that it is time to establish a monthly budget to keep your expenses in line?

You will find that having a budget in place will radically help you manage your life expenses. And once you get in the habit of keeping up with your budget from month to month, you will be in better control of yourself and your spending habits. So how do you set up a budget? Well, it is not as difficult as you might think. Continue reading…

A Used Car Journey: From Auto Auction to Your Home

Tag along with this Chrysler 200 as it makes its way from a local auto auction, to one of our inspection centers where it goes through our reconditioning process and multi-point inspection, before making its way to a DriveTime dealership in Mesa, Arizona.

This video quickly takes you through how DriveTime acquires and inspects over 120,000 used cars, trucks and SUVs each year. This is a rare, behind-the-scenes look of what our vehicles go through before being declared ready for sale – and before you take it home as its new owner.

Watch up above or on the DriveTime YouTube Channel (make sure to watch it in HD!).