A Road-Tripping Checklist for Car Safety

Now that summer is here, many Americans are looking forward to their next road​ trip. The warmer months provide the best opportunity to explore the country, go on adventures and take a break from the norm.

Beyond the normal trip-planning tasks like booking hotels or campsites and making sure you didn’t forget to pack something important like extra S’Mores reserves, you’ll want to make sure your car is in top condition to survive the trek.

Weather of all kinds can take a toll on your car. The winter months can cause some damage due to freezing temperatures, which may have gone unnoticed but need to be addressed before heading out of town. But heat brings its own set of challenges for any vehicle as well. It’s important to give your car a full examination before taking off. Continue reading…


Off The Beaten Path: Great Off-Road Vehicles

Summer presents people with many opportunities to go on adventures and explore new places. People like to take advantage of the warm weather and longer days to do things like go fishing, camping and hiking.

Perhaps you have a few go-to places you like to visit every summer, or you like to change it up every year to discover new treasures. In either case, you’ll probably want a well-suited vehicle to get you to your destination.

But just because you’re in the market for a good off-roading vehicle doesn’t mean you have the budget for a brand-new model. Instead, you’ll find it’s much more financially smart to head to the used car lot to find a car that’s a few years old but still has plenty of life left in its engine. Here are five awesome SUVs to seek out at your closest DriveTime dealership this summer. Continue reading…


Know Before You Go: What To Look For Before Heading to the Car Dealership

Shopping for a car is an exciting process. Researching the many cars available to you, comparing features and even taking them on test drives can all be fun. But when it comes time to deal with that price tag, reality sets in.

Cars aren’t cheap and even if you decide to go the economical route and buy a reliable used car, you will still likely need a loan to finance the purchase. Though they are a form of debt, auto loans can actually be beneficial. Making timely payments every month can help boost your credit score and make it easier to get affordable loans for other things in the future.

However, you need to be careful with loans, too. While the right behavior can help your score, too much of the wrong actions can take a great toll on it. Continue reading…


Feeling the Spark Again: Used Car Buyers Look to Hybrid and Electric Cars

Buying a car isn’t always the easiest decision. You may think you know exactly what you’re looking for, then something else catches your eye. It’s important to choose a vehicle that you like and feel proud to drive, but it’s also important that it provides all the features you’re looking for. For instance, you may want a car with great fuel economy if you plan on using it day-to-day.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it for long-distance journeys or adventurous trips, you will probably seek out something with a lot of storage room and capable of holding up in rugged conditions like an SUV.

It’s especially crucial to pay careful attention to these features when shopping for a used car. Not only do you want it to have certain looks and abilities, but you’ll also want to be sure the car is in good shape. You may ask how old the car is, how many miles have been put on it, what the tires look like and if the previous owner was in any accidents.

If you are searching for a used car that is also environmentally friendly, you may be considering seeking out a used electric or hybrid vehicle. These can cut down on the number of trips you make to the gas station and, consequently, how much money you spend on fuel. Plus, you’ll be happy knowing you are contributing fewer greenhouse gasses to the environment. Continue reading…


Ballin’ On A Budget: Tips and Tricks for Being More Frugal

Becoming a frugal person can be a tough lifestyle adjustment at times. There are a lot of small habits many people do that more financially conscious people just don’t. And there are plenty more that people new to the life of frugality may not think to do. Here are several habits that anyone working to living a more financially savvy life should work to adopt, and also a few to drop.

Plan Ahead

There are many reasons to embrace being more economical, but more often than not, people decide to make a financial lifestyle change because they have accumulated debt or are living paycheck to paycheck and would like to take better control of their situation.

“Truly frugal people must have long-term goals.”

Having a vague goal may help in getting started, but it provides little direction for your choices. The Simple Dollar explained that truly frugal people must have long-term goals. They work hard to ensure they will have sufficient funds for major purchases and experiences later on in life, whether that be a house or an early retirement.

Wise Bread added that meticulous budgeters know the importance of being extremely in tune to their finances. They know exactly how much money is coming in during any given month, and how much is going out. This is the best way to be truly proactive with your money. Continue reading…