3 Online Budgeting Tools to Help You Save

The only thing standing between you and your new car is proper management of your budget.

The only thing standing between you and your new car is proper management of your budget.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, you also need to consider the best method of financing. When it comes to buying a vehicle, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the best purchasing methods. Some consumers might have enough money saved up, as they have had their eyes on a particular car for some time. Others might take out a loan to assist them. For many, it is likely a combination of both.

When thinking about purchasing a new car, it is important to first consider your finances. There is no point in just taking out a large loan for the car you want without being firmly aware of your financial standing. And the process of assessing your finances shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, there are tools available to you that are designed to assist you in your budgeting practices.

You would be wise to take advantage of these apps, as they are helpful, and not to mention free.


There are many finance industry experts who would put Mint right at the top of the list for best budgeting tool. Continue reading…


Strange Auto Insurance Claims

alien-abductionWhen it comes to covering assets, people take just about everything seriously. Whether you are a celebrity wanting to ensure your legs or chin are covered, or you are afraid of meteors and want your home covered from potential debris falling from the sky, there are options available to you. In fact, not only is it amazing the number of people who want policies for bizarre occurrences, but also how many people file claims equally as absurd.

According to TopTenz, one of the strangest types of coverage available out there is the ability to protect yourself from an alien abduction, should the event indeed occur. While some people may find this (literally) outlandish, others may see it as a sensible and preventative measure against loss. In fact, the source noted that some European providers have reported selling as many as 30,000 alien abduction policies.

However, when it comes to auto insurance, policies tend to run more basic. Continue reading…

DriveTime Looking To Hire Over 300+ Sales Advisors Nationwide

DriveTime Looking To Hire Over 300+ Sales Advisors Nationwide

DriveTime-CareersDriveTime’s Sales Advisors are a team of diverse, highly motivated individuals that are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction of every one of our customers as well as the success of each team member. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, welcome a challenge, have high personal standards of achievement and are extremely motivated, we have endless opportunities for you to succeed – and we’re hiring.

While DriveTime continues to grow year over year, so do our needs for great Sales Advisors who can help provide transportation solutions to our customers who have less than perfect credit at any one of our 130 dealerships nationwide.

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4 Easy Summer Road Trip Hacks

Bring only what you need on your road trip.

Summer is the season for road trips. There are few things as fun as piling your friends or family members (you get along with) into your car, rolling down the windows, putting on your favorite tunes and heading toward a destination, or several. Anything feels possible when a road trip is underway, but only if you do it right.

While a road trip is the ultimate in summer getaways, because it allows you to do pretty much anything, it can also be a pain if you haven’t planned accordingly. And by planning, this doesn’t mean keeping a rigid schedule of destinations, but making sure you accurately prepared your vehicle.

When hitting the open road this summer, keep these tricks and tips in mind, as they could make your road trip much better. Continue reading…


DriveTime Ranked as Best Place to Work in IT by Computerworld

drivetime-best-place-to-work-itToday, IDG’s Computerworld announced the top 100 best places to work in IT for 2015, as they have done for the past 22 years. This was DriveTime’s first year being nominated for a culture award and I am pleased to share that within the mid-size business category, DriveTime earned the 15th spot!

“The 100 organizations on Computerworld’s 2015 Best Places to Work in IT list realize that attracting and retaining a highly-skilled technology workforce leads to competitive advantage,” says Scot Finnie, editor in chief of Computerworld. “In a tight market for tech talent, these outstanding employers attract the best and brightest IT pros with generous salaries and top-drawer benefits, then deepen their teams’ engagement with challenging, business-critical projects built around cutting-edge technologies. As a result, these winning organizations are best positioned to take advantage of the digital transformation sweeping through every industry.” Continue reading…