Smart Savings: How to Build Up a Solid Savings Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a car outright? A nice shiny and new car that is all yours after signing a contract on the lot? Yeah, we all would love that. But buying a car this way is rarely done. Most people need to take out an auto loan in order to make a car purchase.

When you take out a car loan, you’ll be given an interest rate. This, along with the length of the loan, will determine how big your monthly payments will be. The higher the interest rate, the higher your payments. Here, a look at some tips to help you save more for a better car, easier payment and to implement good savings habits in the future. Continue reading…


Rising Up: Tips to Bring Your Credit Score Up Right Now

Your credit score is that important number that creditors will look at when considering whether you are creditworthy enough to receive a loan or make a purchase. The higher your score, the better off you’ll be when seeking out a new credit card, an auto loan or a mortgage. A good credit score will tell lenders that you are responsible, which will in turn result in more advantageous offers for you.

On the other hand, if your score is lower, creditors may be wary of granting you a loan. If they offer you one, the interest rates will likely be higher than they would be if your score were a few points higher, and if it’s too low, you may get turned down altogether. Continue reading…


Dealing With Debt: Tips to Manage Your High Debt Level

Having debt can be stressful. The longer it lasts, the more it costs due to interest rates that tack on fees every month the balance gets carried over. But paying it all down at once often isn’t possible for many people.

A simple rule of thumb is debt should be no more than 36 percent of your gross income, according to Money Crashers. The fact is, it’s OK to have some debt, as long as you’re paying it off responsibly. So, what can you do to manage it all? Continue reading…

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Get Schooled on Credit: Credit-Building Tips for Students

The first time a person wonders about his or her credit score may very well be in adulthood, maybe after obtaining their first credit card or taking out a first loan. By then, a credit score has already been calculated and the best thing he or she can do is learn what it is and discover how to maintain or improve it. Continue reading…


Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Coupons: Saving Money on Summer Vacation

Getting a good vacation in before the end of summer is a priority for many American families about to get back into the school cycle. However, the price of travel is enough to convince many people that getting away isn’t in the cards for them this year.

It’s true that taking a vacation can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean it has to break your bank or your budget. Continue reading…