Laying Down the Law in Legal – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Maddie Schmitt, Legal Intern

I began my internship for the legal department of DriveTime in March of this year. I had never had an internship before, so I was immediately intimidated by the corporate atmosphere. However, after a few days of shadowing the other legal intern and some welcome lunches with my department, I was absolutely sold on the idea of working at DriveTime.

At first it was just because of the free food, but I soon realized there were many reasons I was going to enjoy working here. Continue reading…

Getting Weird in I.T. Like E.T. – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Scott Rozell, IT intern 

As a Computer Science major at ASU, there are many different career paths that can be taken and deciding on which one is right can be a challenge. Or so I thought.

I applied for the DriveTime internship because database development classes had been the most intriguing for me. I wasn’t even sure what DriveTime was when I applied, other than a car company. I figured it would be a good start in finding where I wanted to take my career and get a taste of real world database development. After the first interview in February, I found that I loved the passion that the employees had for learning and improving as well as the overall environment of the office. Continue reading…

There’s Benefits to Working in Benefits – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Lisa Murr, Benefits intern 

Corporate culture at DriveTime is like the makeup of a car; the success of a smooth ride is dependent on every individual part working together. In my three short weeks at DriveTime, I have discovered first-hand the unique corporate culture that defines our team.

As a senior at Arizona State University, I was seeking an internship that would expose me to the corporate world and prepare me for my career post-graduation. Coming into this internship, I fully anticipated getting coffee and make copies all day. Instead, I have been given the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in the Benefits Department.  Continue reading…


From Fashion Advice to Retail Price – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Clare Collins, Retail intern 

My name is Clare Collins and I happen to be the best retail intern for 2013. I have received these high merits partially because I am the only intern and partially because I have been self-nominated.  Before I arrived at DriveTime, I was studying at the University of Southern California and interning for a fashion designer.

I love USC like I love water in Phoenix but my previous internship does not even compare to my internship at DriveTime. Here, I have learned much more than I had expected. Not only will I take all of my newly developed business skills to my future employers, but now I know how to shop for a car. Continue reading…

Recruiting Talent and Screaming in Excitement – DriveTime 2013 Internship Series

Written by: Jennifer Lee, Recruitment intern 

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lee; an intern from the recruitment department. Since the very beginning (when I applied for the internship and researched the company), I’ve known that DriveTime is the type of company that I would love to work for one day. The application process was simple somebody would always be in contact with me through email or phone with a friendly and patient response. My interviewers made me feel comfortable and welcomed through my interview and once I received the call that I made it in, I couldn’t help but scream in excitement.

For almost the whole first week of the internship, we were told what kind of company DriveTime is. Continue reading…