The Insurance Considerations of Buying a Car

This article was contributed by Katherine Wood, a writer for The site’s Homeowners Blog serves as a resource center for home and auto insurance consumers across the country. The views and advice of contributors are their own, and not necessarily those of DriveTime.

You’ve been saving for months, waiting to take the plunge and buy an affordable car. You’ve studied reviews, Blue Book values, and calculated your budget carefully so you know what you can afford to pay. Based on your research, you’ve decided on a make and model. So now you’re ready for a test drive, haggling, and signing papers, right?

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Verified DriveTime Reviews

drivetime-reviews-trustpilotThese DriveTime reviews were collected and verified by a third-party customer satisfaction company, so you know they can be trusted.

DriveTime is committed to ensuring a better customer experience for everyone, which means we work hard before and well after you purchase or lease a vehicle from us; so that we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

But don’t take our word for it, here is just a sampling of what our most recent customers have to say about their experience at DriveTime:

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5 Tips for Obtaining an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

Having bad credit can certainly make obtaining an auto loan, mortgage or a credit card more challenging.

Luckily there are some auto lenders willing to lend a hand to get you back on track and loan you the money you need in order to obtain a vehicle.

Having bad credit or no credit does not automatically mean that you can’t finance a vehicle, which is a common misconception. In fact, assuming that you can’t get approved anywhere or that you have the world’s worst credit can be a costly mistake, and one you should avoid. Continue reading…

Preparing for a Roadside Emergency

When I was younger, my mother always told me that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Granted, this was usually used in the context of studying for pop quizzes in class, but as I grow older and wiser, I’ve come to realize that this tidbit of wisdom applies to many situations we may face in life and this also includes road safety.

Imagine you are on a 700 mile road trip, and just after you pass that “Next Services – 150 Miles” road sign, you hit a nail and deflate one of your tires. Continue reading…