Dealership Spotlight: Blanding – Orange Park, Florida

With over 100 dealerships across the country, DriveTime can seem like a large, stuffy corporation. However, that is simply not the case! We have a strong familial culture dedicated to helping customers find and finance quality used vehicles regardless of the credit history. Each month, we invite you to learn a little more about our DriveTime family by profiling one of our dealerships and its employees. This month’s Dealership Spotlight is Blanding in Orange Park, FL! Continue reading…


“Buy Here, Pay Here” Miami Locations: What You Need to Know

Whether you live in Kendall, Hialeah, or Homestead, just around the corner there’s a “buy here, pay here” in Miami.

“Buy here, pay here” in Miami is a type of car dealership that offers in-house financing. What this means is that you pay the dealer directly, usually every week, rather than making a monthly auto loan payment to a bank, as with a traditional dealership. The advantages for the buyer are that you are able to get a car for little money down and with a low credit score. Indeed, these locations can be the best option for those suffering from bad or no credit and seeking to buy a used car, but there are important questions to ask before you buy. Continue reading…


Does Your “Buy Here, Pay Here” Atlanta Dealership Exceed Expectations?

Residents of Atlanta need to be able to rely on the quality, performance, and reliability of their vehicle, even if their credit has suffered from misfortune.

Atlanta residents with poor or no credit often turn to dealerships offering to cater to them, promising to be able to help get them into a car despite their credit woes. As with anything, some dealerships are reputable, and some are less than reputable. Consider these qualities when choosing your “buy here, pay here” Atlanta dealership. Continue reading…


Considering a “Buy Here, Pay Here” in Indianapolis? Read This First

There has been a proliferation of “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis car lots in recent times.

These lots aim to provide help to customers with bad or no credit, and get them into a car without the hassle of going to a big name dealer. The key here is to choose a trustworthy dealer from among the many “buy here, pay here” Indianapolis lots. While some of these dealers are not playing by the rules, there are certainly many excellent, reputable dealers, DriveTime among them. What makes DriveTime different from many other car dealers offering “buy here, pay here” in Indianapolis? Continue reading…


5 Questions to Ask Before You “Buy Here, Pay Here” in Orlando

You have probably seen a “buy here, pay here” Orlando used car lot even if you haven’t known what it was called.

A used car lot offering help and assistance to those with bad or no credit is likely a “buy here, pay here” dealer. These dealers not only make it possible for individuals who might otherwise not qualify, to buy cars, but assist them with how to tell the unscrupulous from the dealers who are truly there to help out. Here are five questions to ask your “buy here, pay here” Orlando car dealer before you make any purchases. Continue reading…