2018 DriveTime Commercial: 2 Minute Time Machine

Good news! Tina and Tara have invented time travel! But with one minor catch. Their time machine only travels two minutes into the future and back. How useful is a two minute time machine? Incredibly useful it turns out!

In their latest adventure, Tina and Tara (affectionately known as the DriveTime Girls) go two minutes into the future in their custom built DriveTimeMachine to convince a used car shopper that she can–and will–get approved for a car loan and see her down payment all from the convenience of her phone in just two minutes. It sounds impossible, but what isn’t possible with time travel?

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How could your future change in just two minutes? Find out by taking your own trip on the DriveTimeMachine. Get approved and see your real down payment in just two minutes on


#DTRoadTrip: Our Fresno Finale!

We put the glamour of Los Angeles in the rear view and headed for the charming city of Fresno.

Tucked away in the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno has a much different atmosphere than California’s bustling coastal towns. It’s a big area that feels like a small town. That might be because everything seems small when compared to the massive Sierra Nevada mountains that tower over the sprawling city and neighborhoods.

There are some natural wonders that we are dying to see up in those mountains, but before we do, we need to stop and see our friends at DriveTime’s Bakersfield and Fresno dealerships.

Meet the Team!

From San Francisco Bay and Northern California, used car shoppers come from far and wide to check out DriveTime Bakersfield and Fresno. Their customer service expertise make them popular with customers, but what really makes them unique is the respect they get from their competitors. It’s not uncommon for a customer to walk through their doors and say, “I was referred to you by another dealer.” That’s because there are some customers with unique financing issues that only DriveTime can help, and the other dealerships know this.

DriveTime Bakersfield and Fresno’s relationship with their communities and their competitors is a special one that benefits everybody, especially the customer.

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#DTRoadTrip: Los Angeles is Home to the Stars!

We made it! Coast-to-coast across the United States in 12 weeks!


We couldn’t think of a better place to end our #DTRoadTrip than California. There is something here for everyone. From its world famous attractions, to its diverse natural beauty, its no wonder why California is the most visited state in North America.

Of all the cities we’ve visited on our #DTRoadTrip, there isn’t one quite as glamorous to Los Angeles. Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to rock stars and movie stars, but we’re here to see the all-star sales teams of DriveTime’s Los Angeles dealerships.

Meet the Teams

In the lives of the people they help every day, the sales teams of DriveTime’s Montclair, West Covina and Torrance dealerships are super stars! They’ve helped boost many Los Angeles driver’s confidence by helping them finance vehicles they can be proud of. They’re known by their customers for their laid back approach in what is typically a very high pressure business.
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#DTRoadTrip: There’s No Place Like Home

We’ve fallen in love with every city we’ve visited on our #DTRoadTrip, but after 11 weeks on the road it was great to see some familiar sites again. Driving into the Phoenix valley again gave us a sense of relief. It reminded us that no matter how far we wander, there truly is no place like home.

Before we hit up our favorite attractions and restaurants in our home city, we had to pay a visit to DriveTime’s Home Office.

Visit Our Home!


DriveTime is like a mosaic. It’s made up of thousands of individual contributions from our employees all over the country, and the big picture comes together at DriveTime’s corporate headquarters in Tempe.

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#DTRoadTrip: The Old West of Albuquerque

Albuquerque is where the Old West meets modern America. It’s an exciting place to explore, because you could turn the corner and step into another time. We were just leaving Walgreens when we looked up and right there was San Felipe de Neri, one of the oldest buildings in North America!


It may not be the biggest city we’ve stopped at on our #DTRoadTrip, but Albuquerque is big on culture. Before we could go on exploring the remnants of the Old West, we had to make a stop at each of our DriveTime dealerships in Albuquerque.

Meet the Teams!

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