Do Something Good Before the New Year

If you’ve seen the beloved holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” (and you certainly have), then you know the holiday season is about more than gifts. It is a time for being thankful, forgiving, second chances and putting joy and goodness above all else. It is important to remember the life lessons of George Bailey as we consider all we have, and what so many others don’t.

Before the new year, do something good. What that something is is entirely up to you. Here are ways you can do good for someone else before ringing in the new year.

Donate Something:
What you choose to donate is up to you, but think about all the items you own. Sure, you might not have rooms of spare clothes or food ready to just start shipping off, but maybe you have a sweatshirt you never wear? A pair of socks or a can of beans? What about a great book that you adore and read so long ago. Wouldn’t it be great if some child could have a new book to read this holiday season! According to Wise Bread, the point isn’t how much it costs, the point is someone will get joy out of these things, and that is worth giving for.


Image via “We Hate to Waste”

Help Out:
Food pantries and soup kitchens always need volunteers, and this is especially true during the holidays. Whether making deliveries, sorting food, serving meals or just being there to welcome people with a kind greetings, you could brighten someone’s holiday. Many people don’t receive warm meals or kind greetings on a regular basis, so why not be the one to give that to them? George Bailey would have done so.

Be Kind:
It seems like a sort of easy way to brighten someone’s day doesn’t it? Just be kind! So many people are bustling in and out of stores frantically trying to get all of their shopping done, they sometimes forget to smile and say hello to others they are passing. Be the person with the smile and wish all those who pass you a joyful day. You might receive some humbugs, but overall you’ll receive thanks and kind offerings back. Again, it wasn’t enough for George Bailey to be happy alone, he needed all those around him to be happy as well.

List via "Thirty Handmade Days"

List via “Thirty Handmade Days”

Making others happy makes you happy!

According to The Week, spreading joy to others also helps to boost your health, both mentally and physically. Truly, being kind to others, helping out with holiday charities or donating items you have no more use for will reduce stress, put you in a better mood and even reduce body pain.

So fight the greedy Mr. Potters this holiday season by spreading joy and goodwill. Not only will you be bringing warmth to less fortunate people, you will be starting off the new year happy and positive.

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